Thursday, February 28, 2019

Believing conspiracy theories might make you a criminal: study (ThoughtCrime 2019)

from the New York Post (notes by me)

Go figure: If you’re a birther or a 9/11 denier, chances are you aren’t much fun to be around (you'll be social outcasts if you think for yourself). Sure, we’ve been saying this about our wack-job (its insane to not believe the official version of everything you know) uncle for years — but now it’s backed up by science (and we all know... we can't question SCIENCE)

People who buy into outrageous conspiracy theories (direct quote from George W. Bush weeks after 9/11) — say, that no human has ever walked on the moon or the ancient pyramids were built by aliens — are more inclined to actively engage in anti-social behavior (misfits, malcontents, sociopaths, troublemakers)

That’s the main finding of a team of psychologists from the UK’s Staffordshire University and the University of Kent, who investigated the wider impact these paranoia-fueled fringe beliefs (questioning authority is now a mental illness) can have on behavior.

“Our research has shown for the first time the role that conspiracy theories can play in determining an individual’s attitude to everyday crime,” study co-author and Kent professor Karen Douglas said in a statement. “It demonstrates that people subscribing to the view that others have conspired might be more inclined toward unethical actions.”... (and there is it... if you believe in "conspiracy theories" you are probably a criminal)

(This is called weaponized communication. Direct threats targeting the population informing them of how they will be treated and classified if they don't fall in line and believe what they are told no matter what.)

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Why Are They Bringing Back the "Alien Conspiracy" Disinfo?

Oh lord God I thought we were done with this crap. Time for a refresher course.

As Trump Seeks Peace in Korea, the Neocon Left Tries to Torpedo It

With all the distractions that took place yesterday, most folks don't even know Trump held another historic meeting with the leader of North Korea... and that was by design.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

YT Comment Apocalypse Didn't Happen. Instead, They Make YOU Censor for Them

YouTube was supposed to completely do away with all comment sections on their  platform but that is not what happened. Instead they have decided to flag comments they deem "inappropriate" and then make YOU censor your own viewers. If you don't censor the "right way" you will probably pay a price. It's a brilliant move that comes at the same time they partner with Facebook to announce they will be censoring "anti-vaccine" videos and other "inappropriate" videos.

This has nothing to do with saving the children and everything to do with maintaining control of discourse in this country.

India/Pakistan Conflict Escalation: More State-backed Terror Linked to al CIAda

The current escalations of tension between Pakistan and India have their roots in the ISI's creation of the JeM terror attack on Feb. 14 2019. I take take a closer look at where JeM comes from and who might be giving them their marching orders.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Sanders' Foreign Policy Advisor Promotes Neocon Propaganda Piece on Venezuela

Matt Duss, Bernie Sanders' foreign policy advisor, promoted a neocon propaganda piece yesterday on Twitter as he tries his best to de-legitimize the legitimate government of Venezuela making the American "left" ready to support regime change. Despicable.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Kamala is NOT Jussie's Aunt. That's Cognitive Infiltration. Please Stop Saying It

Cognitive infiltration is very real and being practiced today. We see an example of that with the "Kamala is Jussie's aunt" disinformation that is spreading. They are trying to undermine the growing awareness of the connection between Jussie's MAGA hoax and Harris' Anti-Lynching bill (plus her campaign). This is real, the stories about them being related are not. Just so you know.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Sanders Hires Podesta Protege and Clinton Asset Faiz Shakir to Manage His Campaign

From personal history I know Faiz Shakir to be a controlled opposition asset of the Center for American Progress who believes strongly in the power of censorship. I also know from his history he is heavily involved with John Podesta (whom Shakir calls his "mentor") and the Clinton machine.

Why is Shakir now running Sanders' campaign? The obvious answer is... to exert centrist unDemocratic Party control over it and the messages it conveys during the campaign.

If you support Sanders' candidacy, you should demand Shakir be fired immediately.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Screw Smollett. I'm Eating Don Lemon's Lunch!

As the milk-toast mea culpas are flying fast and furious from the complicit media, fingers are pointing at Jussie as if he was in this all on his own. What they FAIL to acknowledge is the FACT that without them and their refusal to do the most trivial level of honest investigative journalism regard his claims, Jussie's hate-mongering would have and should have been over in a matter of hours.

Don Lemon says folks like Hannity and Carlson are going to "eat Jussie's lunch" now that he's been charged? Maybe true... but I'm eating Don's (better than any lunch Jussie is going to have in the joint)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Why Did Jussie Wait 40 Minutes Before Calling Cops and Other Updates

Turns out Jussie Smollett has a history of lying to the police. He's also had his role in this week's Empire episode drastically reduced. What does that mean? Also seems like Jussie "Tron" Smollett is getting some special treatment when it comes to "Law and Order" whereas a couple of dudes not that long ago who also lied to law enforcement got a totally different kind of "justice". So what's the difference?

As Tucker Lies About Sheepdog Sanders, I Answer the Question "What Next?"

Tucker tries to ignore Sanders' current message of economic populism as if he is only focused on SJW "identity politics". This is a deception. If you want to criticize Sanders, as I do, do it on the real flaws in his campaign and character. You don't need to make shit up because all that does is give the BernieBots ammunition.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Oh God. Sheepdog Sanders is Running Again

Here we go again. What is that stupid quote about the definition of insanity? You got it. Sheepdog Sanders is doing his sheepdog act again... this time for Kamala. Seems like Bernie is an equal opportunity fraud.

Three-tiered Motive Behind Smollett Hoax Goes Well Beyond Jussie

Trump, Kamala and Jussie... three layers of an answer to the question of motive.

Monday, February 18, 2019

How One of America’s Premier Data Monarchs is Funding a Global Information War and Shaping the Media Landscape

from MintPress News

A select group of national news “stakeholders” gathered at an undisclosed location for what was described as a “semi-secret” workshop somewhere in Canada on January 26. The meeting had been convened to determine how and to whom a “news industry bailout” of $645 million in Canadian government subsidies to private and supposedly independent media outlets would be disbursed. It was a striking event that signaled both the crisis of legitimacy faced by mainstream media and the desperate measures that are being proposed to answer it. 
Jesse Brown, a Canadian journalist who participated in the meeting, complained that the first thing he noticed about it “was that one major public ‘stakeholder’ wasn’t represented: the public.” Inside what amounted to a smoke filled room that was off limits to most Canadian citizens, Ben Scott — a former Obama administration official who also served in Hillary Clinton’s State Department — presided over the discussions. Today, as the director of policy and advocacy for the Omidyar Network, Scott works for one of the most quietly influential billionaires in helping to shape the media landscape and define the craft of journalism itself. 

His boss is Pierre Omidyar, the ebay founder best known for his sponsorship of The Intercept, a flashy progressive publication that possesses the classified documents exfiltrated by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Unlike rival Silicon Valley billionaires Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, and Eric Schmidt, Omidyar has mostly managed to keep his influential role in media below the radar. And while he directs his fortune into many of the same politically strategic NGOs and media outlets that George Soros does in hotspots around the globe, he has never been subjected to the public scrutiny and often ugly attacks that dog Soros. And yet Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the UN and liberal interventionist guru, has explicitly praised Omidyar as someone who is following in the footsteps of Soros.

The almost total absence of critical coverage that Omidyar enjoys is partly the product of his aversion to publicity. Unlike Soros, who seems to yearn for the media limelight, Omidyar is an eccentric figure who owns a “safe house” in the wilds of the American West; he interacts with business partners in virtual-reality simulations he funds, and has been magnetized by New Age gurus. But the free pass Omidyar has received from the media is also a testament to how much money he has channeled into it – as well into the organizations that ostensibly exist to keep it honest. 

While backing media outlets around the world that produce news and commentary, Omidyar supports a global cartel of self-styled fact-checking groups that determine which outlets are legitimate and which are “fake.” He has also thrown his money behind murky initiatives like the non-profit backing New Knowledge, the data firm that waged one of the most devious disinformation campaigns in any recent American election campaign; and he is a key backer of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), the outfit that holds the Panama Papers and oversees the strategic dissemination of that leaked trove of financial files to hand-picked journalists.

At the base of this vast media empire is a nepotistic culture that has seen the beneficiaries of Omidyar’s funding come in for gushing praise from the same fact-checking organizations he supports, while the journalists nurtured by his donations reap high-profile awards from the Omidyar-sponsored Committee to Protect Journalists. Last November, Omidyar backed the release of a documentary hyping up the journalists that helped expose the Panama Papers, and he is also involved in a feature film starring Meryl Streep about the leaked documents and the heroic reporters covering them. The conflicts of interests created under the billionaire’s watch are many but, as with his own political activities, they have been scrutinized by only a handful of journalists. 

Behind the image he has cultivated of himself as a “progressive philanthropreneur,” Omidyar has wielded his media empire to advance the Washington consensus in strategic hotspots around the globe. His fortune helped found an outlet to propel a destabilizing coup in Ukraine; he’s helped establish a network of oppositional youth activists and bloggers in Zimbabwe; and in the Philippines he has invested in an oppositional news site that is honing corporate surveillance techniques like a “mood meter…to capture non-rational reactions.” Meanwhile, he has partnered closely with the leading arms of U.S. soft power, from the U.S. Agency for International Aid and Development (USAID) to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) — acting as a conduit for information warfare-style projects in countries around the world...

[read more here]

Why Did Jussie Smollett Need the Nigerians? B/C he Staged the Fight for the Camera

Jussie revealed in his GMA interview that the night of the attack he took the police to the scene of the phony attack and also showed them the location of a camera located across the street. Later he was "disappointed" to learn it was facing the wrong way at that moment.

Why did he need the Nigerian brothers? Why did they say they "rehearsed" the fight? Because Jussie knew that location's street cam and he staged the scene so there would be video of the attack for the press to use when talking about it.

And he practically admitted as much on Good Morning America.

Jussie Smollett to Face Grand Jury as Complicit Media Scrambles to Save Face

"I will forever be the guy this happened to" Smollett

"But... it... didn't happen. ?" Everyone else

"I will forever be the guy this thing that didn't happen, happened to" Smollett

"ok... that's... weird" Everyone else

Sunday, February 17, 2019

How Shameful was Don Cheadle's SNL Performance? Let me tell you

Ever since he made that deplorable propaganda pic, Hotel Rwanda, Don Cheadle has been an obvious tool of the establishment... kinda like the Tutsis were for the CIA.

Last night he continued with that career arc of his, in service to the establishment that hates populist movements here in this country, much like they hated the Hutu government of Rwanda in 1994.

There is a lesson to be learned from this, history repeating itself, even if we have to take it from a ragged out propaganda outlet like SNL... even if we have to take if from them in spite of them.

Outsourcing his Own Oppression: The Jussie Smollett Story

The comedy writes itself with this one.

Friday, February 15, 2019

News Updates and the Taming of the Trump

In this video I talk about Jussie Smollett, the Haitian revolution, what's happening in Venezuela, the failed Mueller probe and Andrew McCabe trying to thwart democracy via the 25th amendment to the constitution.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

ABC and CBS Chicago Reporting Smollett Being Investigated for Staging Attack

Don't know how this is going to shake out but right now it seems Chicago PD has decided to investigate Jussie Smollett for staging his own attack.

Jussie Smollett and the Amazing Reappearing Hot Sauce Bottle

As if this story couldn't get more ridiculous. You're not gonna believe where those Post reporters "found" the hot sauce bottle.

The "No War in Yemen" Bill Gets an Interesting Rewrite

The House has passed their fake "no war in Yemen" bill (that allows for us to keep waging war and allows for Israel to keep bombing as well) and has added some interesting language to it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Jussie Smollett Hires DNC-linked Fixer Firm Whose Asset Then "finds" Some "Evidence"

Jussie Smollett turned over edited and redacted PDF of his phone records which is completely inadmissible in court. He has also hired Sunshine Sachs, a big-time fixer firm in New York with long-standing ties to the New York Post. In other news, a New York Post reporter "found" some new evidence around the same time Sunshine Sachs was hired by Jussie.

Oh what tangled webs we weave.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why They Attacked Rep. Omar: It Ain't the Tropes

Question: Why are they angry Rep. Omar said AIPAC is buying influence in American politics?

Answer: They aren't. Not really. They're scared of something else.

Monday, February 11, 2019

“I Feel Their Paaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnn!” Bill Clinton Makes His Apology for the Neoliberalization of Haiti as He Gears Up to Do It Again

(archived from April 2010)

by Scott Creighton

I wish I could tell you this was an April Fools joke. I really do.

About a month ago Bill Clinton sat in congress and admitted that he played a vital part in the willful destruction of the agricultural base of Haiti in order to “relieve them of the burden of producing their own food so they could leap right into the industrial revolution“. Not only does he try to pass off their neoliberalization scheme as a “mistake” but he admits it was really only good for ”some of my farmers (subsidized rice farmers) in Arkansas“.

Well, not only was it good for “his farmers” from his home state who just happened to be political donors as well, but it was also very good for another interest he had back in the day; the company that created a Board of Directors chair for his wife when he became Governor of Arkansas.

You see, the “leap into the industrial revolution” Bill Clinton was talking about was the predicted migration to the urban centers that the population of the rural farming areas had to make. This “blight flight” produced a vast number of dislocated migrant workers living in shanty towns who would work for next to nothing in all the sweatshops that Bill Clinton helped set up.

And of course who benefited from that? Walmart. Bill Clinton’s good old friends, the Forbes 500 top ten billionaire Walton Family.
“Since 1981, until about a year or so ago we started rethinking it, we thought that we rich countries that produce a lot of food should sell it to poor countries and relieve them of the burden of producing their own food so that, thank goodness, they can leap right into the industrial era. It has not worked. It may have been good for some of my farmers in Arkansas but it has not worked. It was a mistake. It was a mistake that I was a party to, I am not pointing the finger at anybody, I did that. I have to live everyday with the consequences of the lost capacity to produce their rice crop in Haiti to feed those people.” Bill Clinton, March 2010
Clinton’s mia culpa is clearly too little too late, especially considering the fact that he has been appointed, by his Secretary of State wife no less, to become the defacto emperor of Haiti.

You Will Love the Unregulated Free Markets

(archived from Feb 2010)

by Scott Creighton

Everything for the unregulated markets. God bless the unregulated markets. The unregulated markets are all that is important. The unregulated markets are democracy. The unregulated markets are America. The unregulated markets are your God whether you know it or not.

National borders hinder the unregulated markets so national borders must go. Social programs hinder the unregulated markets so social programs must go. Consumer protections hinder the unregulated markets so consumer protections must go. Anti-trust laws hinder the markets so anti-trust laws must go. Civil liberties hinder the unregulated markets so civil liberties must go. Educated populations hinder the unregulated markets so the educated public must go. Labor unions hinder the unregulated markets so labor unions must go. Minimum wage laws hinder the unregulated markets so minimum wage laws must go. Nationalized central banks hinder the unregulated markets so nationalized central banks must go.

Your primative constitution hinders the unregulated markets so your primative constitution must go.

Got it? Good. Now sacrifice your kid’s future to the unregulated markets. Sacrifice your retirement. Sacrifice you earnings and your health and your common sense. Sacrifice your quality of life, your freedoms, your paycheck. Sacrifice critical thinking, logic, reason. Sacrifice it all for the unregulated markets.

You will serve the unregulated markets just like you have been. You will go to war for the unregulated markets just like you have been. You will lay your children on the altar of war for the unregulated markets just like so many of you already have. Because it is the unregulated free markets that rule this nation, this hemisphere, this globe. That is the new order of things.

Until you understand that you don’t know shit.

The Neoliberals; A Bi-partisan, Hybrid Political-Corporate Party in Service of Predatory Globalization

(archived post from March of 2010)

by Scott Creighton

The Road to Neoliberalization: A bi-partisan not-for-profit Think Tank called ”The Neoliberal War on Democracy Foundation”

They don’t want you to know their name, much less to speak it. They don’t want you to know they exist, much less to join them. They don’t want your participation, they don’t want your suggestions, because quite simply put, they don’t want you.

The Neoliberal Party isn’t about “democracy”; it’s about the illusion of democracy and the absolute control that the illusion creates. Therefore, the less you know about them, the better off they are and the happier you will be in your self-sustained cocoon of blissful ignorance.

But we can no longer afford the luxury of hiding in our chrysalis with our heads buried in the sand. It’s time for a political and ideological metamorphosis on a national scale.

It goes by many names… “crony capitalism”… “free market capitalism”… the ”centrists”… the “Washington Consensus“…the “Third Way“… ”predatory Globalization“… many names.
And it is served by various think tanks and organizations like the “New Dems“… the “Project for the New American Century“… the “Democratic Leadership Council“… the “American Enterprise Institute“… the “Blue Dogs“… the “Council on Foreign Relations“… the “European Union“…the “International Monetary Fund“… the “World Bank“…the Aspen Institute“… the “Bank for International Settlements“…the CIA…”USAID”… and so on and so on.

The bi-partisan Neoliberal Party is, simply put, the most powerful single political, financial, and corporate influence this nation has ever seen. As such, without hyperbole or sensationalism, it is the deepest and most pervasive threat America and the world has ever known.

Neoliberal Rule Being Heroically Rejected in Venezuela and Haiti

For the past 5 days in Haiti there have been massive protests against our neoliberal puppet regime. They are struggling to take their country back from the corrupt oligarchy just as Venezuela is fighting to keep the Business Class from stealing theirs right from under them.

These two struggles, along with the Yellow Vests movement in France, represent the embodiment of our fight against neoliberal globalization and they deserve all the attention we can bring them.

Globalist Think Tanks Called on to Further Unite, Lest They Lose Their Neo-Liberal Order

by Mark Anderson, 21st Century Wire

 The head of one of the world’s oldest elite foreign policy institutions in London is calling for the world’s pro-globalist think tanks to unite like never before, lest their neo-liberal world order dissolve in the populist tide that appears to be rising.

Chatham House Director Dr. Robin Niblett wrote an 11,000-word article entitled “Rediscovering a Sense of Purpose: The Challenge for Western Think Tanks” in Vol. 94, Issue 6 of Chatham House’s journal, International Affairs. In it, he declared: “To devise a common work [program], do think-tanks from across the world also need to possess a common sense of purpose? . . . . After something like a hundred years of think-tank experience, the answer is yes.”

Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is a member of the original array of gilded private institutes that arose and revolutionized the world of geo-politics in the early 20th century. Other major members include the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (shown to have been involved in apparently treasonous activities by the Reece Committee in the 1950s), along with the Brookings Institution, and, of course, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Echoing the grave concerns expressed during early 2018 by CFR President Richard Haass to the International Relations Committee of the UK’s House of Lords, Dr. Niblett noted in his article that he’s apprehensive about the rise of “populist” politics, the implication being that think-tanks must either modify their mission or risk becoming increasingly irrelevant—possibly to the point of losing their grip on influencing government policy largely from “behind the throne,” something they’ve perfected ever since the eldest think tanks’ early but unsuccessful efforts to push the U.S. into the League of Nations—a failed forerunner of the United Nations.
The deeper challenge for Western think tanks is whether they can rediscover a sense of purpose that is as fit for the 21st Century as was that which mobilized their counterparts in the early 20th Century,” Niblett wrote, with noticeable nostalgia regarding the early days of stealthy power-brokering.
He added that, today, the world’s think tanks “need to stand for certain core principles of governance that have been shown by the experience of the last hundred years to offer the best prospects for sustainable security and prosperity.”

Exactly whose “sustainable security and prosperity” is at stake is never made clear, though the gilded investment class that undergirds these think tanks, and assuredly not the average citizen, is a safe bet. However, Niblett confesses that the age of the Internet, whatever its shortcomings, has generally enabled the citizenry to become better informed and therefore more skeptical of elite opinion...

[read more here]

Friday, February 8, 2019

FUBAR-IKA - Bolton shows USrael's desperation -Tweets bribe offer to Venezuelan military to commit treason

by greencrow from As the Crow Flies

The desperate efforts of the USraelis to effect a regime change in Venezuela have gone from shocking, to ludicrous to sad and now to pathetic.  According to this Reuters report, Bolton has Tweeted a bribe offer to the Venezuelan military officers. In return for them jumping ship and going over to usurper CIA asset Guaido, the US will "drop sanctions" on them.  Please read the following report and I will have more comments to follow:

 "The U.S. will consider sanctions off-ramps for any Venezuelan senior military officer that stands for democracy and recognizes the constitutional government of President Juan Guaido. If not, the international financial circle will be closed off completely," Bolton said in a tweet.

Have you ever read anything so disgustingly hypocritical and so cravenly corrupt in all your life?  The US has spent the last year+ in pseudo national anguish over alleged "foreign influence" in the US government...with Russia being the "enemy du jour".  NOW, the US itself not only unilaterally DISMISSES the results of the recently held elections in Venezuela...but it openly and brazenly attempts to bribe military officers away from their posts defending that nation from a threatened American attack.

Still, thugs like Pompeo and Bolton cover themselves with the tiny fig leaves of morality and "democracy" in their "Tweets" and semi-rational pleadings to the prostitute media "journalists" who all go down on them in unison to perform services.  Not one major media outlet in the West has stood up for the rule of the fundamental principles of democracy and international law.  THEY ARE ALL PROSTITUTES!  Even the pretense of balance and objectivity have been desperate is the neocon as their capitalist empire collapses all around them...

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The Real Left, Phony Left and What’s Left

by Philip Farruggio from the Off Guardian

... Matter of fact, Bernie Sanders, who is in reality a decent and caring guy, calls himself a ‘Democratic Socialist’. Yet, his group supported both John Kerry’s run in ’04 and Obama’s run in 2008.

Sanders supported the NATO (US led) carpet bombing and destruction of Libya in 2011 and our incursions into Syria… and now our banging the drums for a new Cold War with Russia. Sadly, he referred to the late Hugo Chavez, democratically elected leader of Venezuela, as a ‘Dead Dictator’!

This ‘Phony Left’ still won’t come out in favor of nationalizing Big Business, especially the real culprits, the Wall Street banks! Do you ever hear these folks ditto that in regard to Big Pharma or Corporate Absentee Landlords? As far as taking on the Super Rich, new ‘Phony Left ‘ presidential candidate Sen. Warren wants to assess a whopping 2% surtax on any assets over 50 million dollars. Wow! You got to be kidding me! The real tragedy is that this ‘Peanut plan’ of hers is already being slammed by the embedded mainstream media. When will this comedic material, right out of a Marx Brothers film, cease?

Ok, now as to the title of this column, what’s left on the Amerikan plate?

Well, and again sadly, we have over a hundred million of our fellow citizens who still buy into this ‘Free Enterprise’ garbage that the right-wing and centrist Phony Left have been selling for seems forever. So many decent working stiffs still will defend to their (fiscal?) death the right for anyone to earn as much as possible.

Why? Well, any mention of true socialism as been tangled together with what we have been propagandized to believe as the hated and feared Communism...
[read more here]

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Nicholas Maduro speech to USA citizens (subs)

US arms Al Qaeda. Saudis lie. I’m pissed!

US Troop Count in Syria Jumps by 50 Percent Since Trump’s “Withdrawal” Announcement

by Whitney Webb, from MintPress News

Despite having touted his plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria as recently as Sunday, the U.S. military appears to be doing the complete opposite and is instead dramatically increasing the number of U.S. troops illegally stationed in northeastern Syria.
According to a report in Turkish media outlet Anadolu News, a convoy of an estimated 150 trucks and armored vehicles entered northeastern Syria from Iraq on Monday night, crossing the Simelka checkpoint into U.S.-occupied Syria. The convoy then arrived at a U.S. military logistics center in Syria’s Kharab Ishq and Sirrin on Tuesday. Al Masdar reported that footage of the convoy had also been posted on social media, showing generators, construction equipment, Humvees and large trucks..

[read more here]

Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

by Whitney Webb, from MintPress News

In a leaked military manual on “unconventional warfare” recently highlighted by WikiLeaks, the U.S. Army states that major global financial institutions — such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — are used as unconventional, financial “weapons in times of conflict up to and including large-scale general war,” as well as in leveraging “the policies and cooperation of state governments.”
The document, officially titled “Field Manual (FM) 3-05.130, Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare” and originally written in September 2008, was recently highlighted by WikiLeaks on Twitter in light of recent events in Venezuela as well as the years-long, U.S.-led economic siege of that country through sanctions and other means of economic warfare. Though the document has generated new interest in recent days, it had originally been released by WikiLeaks in December 2008 and has been described as the military’s “regime change handbook.”...

[read more here]

Friday, February 1, 2019

CrossTalk: Venezuela Targeted

Jussie Smollett and Kamala Harris' Anti-Lynching Bill: What a Coincidence

This might be jaded as hell but I can't help but notice Jessie's story took place one day after Kamala Harris announced her run and it just happens to match up perfectly with her anti-Lynching bill she and Cory Booker are pushing through congress. We all know her record hasn't won her any street credit with average African Americans (as Tim Black pointed out yesterday) so this story, this "modern day lynching" as she and Cory refer to it, is just perfect to set the tone for the passage of this bill and her rebranding as someone looking out for African Americans

Israeli expulsion of observers from Hebron a ‘wicked’ decision – frmr UN rapporteur