Thursday, February 28, 2019

Believing conspiracy theories might make you a criminal: study (ThoughtCrime 2019)

from the New York Post (notes by me)

Go figure: If you’re a birther or a 9/11 denier, chances are you aren’t much fun to be around (you'll be social outcasts if you think for yourself). Sure, we’ve been saying this about our wack-job (its insane to not believe the official version of everything you know) uncle for years — but now it’s backed up by science (and we all know... we can't question SCIENCE)

People who buy into outrageous conspiracy theories (direct quote from George W. Bush weeks after 9/11) — say, that no human has ever walked on the moon or the ancient pyramids were built by aliens — are more inclined to actively engage in anti-social behavior (misfits, malcontents, sociopaths, troublemakers)

That’s the main finding of a team of psychologists from the UK’s Staffordshire University and the University of Kent, who investigated the wider impact these paranoia-fueled fringe beliefs (questioning authority is now a mental illness) can have on behavior.

“Our research has shown for the first time the role that conspiracy theories can play in determining an individual’s attitude to everyday crime,” study co-author and Kent professor Karen Douglas said in a statement. “It demonstrates that people subscribing to the view that others have conspired might be more inclined toward unethical actions.”... (and there is it... if you believe in "conspiracy theories" you are probably a criminal)

(This is called weaponized communication. Direct threats targeting the population informing them of how they will be treated and classified if they don't fall in line and believe what they are told no matter what.)

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  1. Research has shown that believing the New York Post might make you an idiot.