Thursday, February 28, 2019

Why Are They Bringing Back the "Alien Conspiracy" Disinfo?

Oh lord God I thought we were done with this crap. Time for a refresher course.

Behold a Pale Horse

Jones and Rogan routine

mia culpa from William Cooper (before they shot him)

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  1. They say Cooper owed money to the IRS,,,,, and he refused to pay. They had a warrant out for his arrest..... tricked him to come out his house and shot him.
    wow...... I thought the IRS just put a lien on your house or car or just deducted money owed from your pension or salary..
    wonder if JFK or MLK did not pay their taxes,,,,

  2. Thanks, that was very informative and agreeable, nomadiceveryman.

    Just a few remarks (from East Germany):
    The AshkeNazi mafia (robber barons) gradually grabbed control over Western Europe. It goes back to Middle Ages, and especially to the establishment of the first of many central banks owned by them in the 17th c. (that's when they got almost complete control, starting with Calvinist Holland and England, and the latter's colonies such as Amerikkka).

    So, it's all AshkeNazi mafia - they have been slidden in front everywhere, all over the West - whether it's an AshkeNazi disinfo artist like Trumpf's Goebbels 'Alex Jones,' just about any Amerikkkan president or (Western) politician, such as for instance the Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland, the 'Rockefellers' (AshkeNazi thugs named Roggenfeder from Germany), The Dutch or English queen, most of European robber barons and 'royalty,' the Rottenshills and other AshkeNazi banksters & gangsters, Winston Chruchill, Frau Merkel, and so forth.

    They also grabbed power (at the very top) in Russia in 1953 (Russia still has a major fifth column), which explains the collaboration with the "moon landings," the nuclear/cold war scare, and so forth (even with this 'alien' crap).

    I reckon this William Cooper and the (somewhat naive) Kennedys - all AshkeNazi mafia assets - had enough of the AshkeNazi mafia/cult's psychopathy, idiocy, and talked too much, or were dissenting.

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