Friday, September 28, 2018

The Kavanaugh Bargain

Now that they have brought the glorious FBI into the equation, you have to ask yourself if there might be some kind of negotiation taking place behind the scenes which revolves around the Carter Page FISA court application and all those Comey, McCabe and Strzok emails Trump wanted released.

After all, the Anita Hill testimony ended in "compromise" so why not Dr. Ford's?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Richie Allen and Andrew Gillum Gettin Their Minds Right

Seeing Richie Allen talk about "truthers" and acting as if it's OK PayPal censor them is infuriating. Almost as infuriating as seeing Andrew Gillum call Maduro a "dictator" and support crippling sanctions against the people of Venezuela in preparation for a neoliberal regime change operation.

Tough times indeed for the real left.

Deconstructing Michael Moore's Insulated, Limited-hangout "Progressivism"

Michael Moore is running from one interview to the next selling his particular brand of insulated, limited-hangout "progressivism" since the release of his new film, Fahrenheit 11/9. I think its important we take a look at what he really is behind his "everyman" mask.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How an American Anthropologist Tied to US Regime-Change Proxies Became the MSM’s Man in Nicaragua

from Mint Press News

The Guardian, The Washington Post, the BBC and NPR have assigned an American anthropologist with no previous journalistic experience to cover the crisis in Nicaragua. The novice reporter, named Carl David Goette-Luciak, has published pieces littered with falsehoods that reinforce the opposition’s narrative promoting regime change while relying almost entirely on anti-Sandinista sources.
An investigation for MintPress reveals that Goette-Luciak has forged intimate ties to the opposition, and has essentially functioned as its publicist under journalistic cover. Having claimed to work in the past as an anthropologist and “human rights defender,” Goette-Luciak operated side-by-side with activists from a U.S.-backed opposition party known as the Sandinista Renovation Movement, or MRS. As we will see in this investigation, U.S. government-funded organizations have supplied the MRS with millions of dollars worth of election assistance, and continue to fund its activists by funding their NGO’s and social media training.

Goette-Luciak now lists himself as “director of investigations” for an obscure outlet called Radio Ciudadana that was founded a month before the chaos erupted last April. That outlet’s founder, Azucena “Chena” Castillo, is an outspoken member of the MRS party who has devoted herself to the government’s overthrow. Goette-Luciak’s social-media profile reveals intimate ties to numerous MRS leaders and, in a recently deleted podcast interview, he has described his own work to encourage indigenous opposition to the Sandinista front...

[read more here]

The Collapse of the American Empire?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

InfoWars Calls for Martial Law as Trump Enlists Clinton/Comey Apologist to Review Spygate Documents

Used to be Di$info Jone$ ranted about President Obama calling for martial law every week. He was terrified. It's a threat to democracy he would say. Yesterday, with Mike Adams, he called for Trump to impose martial law to deal with da ebil leftists and those "deep state" guys who oppose him from within the system. He said they threaten our rights and our "banking" for some reason.

As if that wasn't enough, turns out Trump handing over the review for declassification process of those SpyGate docs to the guy who has ALREADY WHITEWASHED the Clinton-Comey investigation... an Obama appointee BTW.

Good times huh?

Monday, September 24, 2018

This Technocracy Enslaves Humans | Part 4 of ISOLATION: Or, The Art of Being Imperially Alone

Novelist Derek Swannson's exploration of isolation from mainstream society as a remedy to America's increasingly unaffordable suburban lifestyle in a world gone mad with consumerism and grift. 

"What do you do when corporate America and its entire MKULTRA culture seems to be aligned against you? Well, if you’re like me, you opt for isolation—or 'silence, exile, and cunning,' as James Joyce put it. You find out what it’s like to live a simple life, all alone." 

Written, narrated, and (for the most part) filmed and recorded by Derek Swannson. His books can be found—ironically enough—at:

Loners Without Illusions | Part 3 of ISOLATION: Or, The Art of Being Imperially Alone

"In this upside down world of ours the people who are most conspicuously rewarded are those who seem least deserving of rewards. 

The warmongering beneficiaries of the Deep State.  The mercenary saboteurs of democracy in Washington. The loudmouthed TV pundits spreading their soul destroying bullshit on the evening news. The billionaire hedge fund managers and Fortune 500 CEOs who pay a lower tax rate on their income than secretaries and teachers.

Ask yourself this: would you be willing to take a stand against those assholes when you are sure that almost no one would care?

Would you still take that stand if you knew you would be shunned and made to look like a fool?

Would you take that stand if you knew it might jeopardize your career, compromise your ability to earn a living?

Would you do it if you thought there was a good chance you might just end up broke and alone?

Think about that and then realize things will only get worse until the majority of people on earth are ready to take that stand.

I know what my gift is... and I am giving it away here"

Derek Swannson from Part Two of Isolation

Cognitive Dissidents | Part 2 of ISOLATION: Or, The Art of Being Imperially Alone

"America is a pathetic place where something stupefying must always happen for fear we wake up" William Carlos Williams

 Novelist Derek Swannson's exploration of isolation from mainstream society as a remedy to America's increasingly unaffordable suburban lifestyle in a world gone mad with consumerism and grift.

 "What do you do when corporate America and its entire MKULTRA culture seems to be aligned against you? Well, if you’re like me, you opt for isolation—or 'silence, exile, and cunning,' as James Joyce put it. You find out what it’s like to live a simple life, all alone."

Written, narrated, and (for the most part) filmed and recorded by Derek Swannson. His books can be found—ironically enough—at:

"You are in prison. If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you CAN'T escape" G.I. Gurdjieff

Exile From Main Street | Part 1 of ISOLATION: or, The Art of Being Imperially Alone

Novelist Derek Swannson's exploration of isolation from mainstream society as a remedy to America's increasingly unaffordable suburban lifestyle in a world gone mad with consumerism and grift.

 "What do you do when corporate America and its entire MKULTRA culture seems to be aligned against you? Well, if you’re like me, you opt for isolation—or 'silence, exile, and cunning,' as James Joyce put it. You find out what it’s like to live a simple life, all alone."

Written, narrated, and (for the most part) filmed and recorded by Derek Swannson. His books can be found—ironically enough—at:

Hat tip to Chuck Fox who tagged me in a Twitter posting of this video.

You guys should watch this.

Nicaragua●A Nation's Right To Survive (John Pilger documentary from 1983)

Trump Shrinkage: Pulls Back Declassification Order Like a Frightened Turtle

Like a frightened turtle, President Trump rolled back his demand to let the American people see who was REALLY trying to rig our election in 2016. The 5-Eyes stared him down and we are all just a little smaller for it.

Trump Caves on Declassification Demands: The Deep State's 5-Eyes Wins Again

by Scott Creighton

You don't have to love Donald Trump or what he stands for in order to hate tin-pot fascist dictatorships who use State power to influence election results. Just like you don't have to support Marine La Pen in order to be horrified by the current regime in France ordering her a mandatory psychiatric review because she holds a different opinion regarding the sovereignty of the nation she calls home.

Last week, on Monday, Donald Trump issued an order demanding the release of documents related to the Obama administration's efforts to spy on the Trump campaign in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

"In an unprecedented move that stunned current and former intelligence officials, President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the public release of highly classified documents and text messages related to the FBI investigation into whether his campaign conspired with Russia.

A statement by the White House press office said Trump had directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Department of Justice and the FBI to declassify about 20 pages of a highly sensitive application for surveillance against Carter Page, a one-time Trump foreign policy aide...

Trump also ordered the agencies to publicly release, in full, all text messages relating to the Russia investigation of former FBI Director James Comey, Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and current Justice Department lawyer Bruce Ohr, a Russian organized crime expert. Those are all people Trump has criticized as out to get him. All had Top Secret clearances granting them access to sensitive government secrets." NBC News

 Intel officials immediately clamored to have him cease and desist in that effort. The glorious intelligence agencies were frightened of something.

"U.S. intelligence officials, blindsided by President Donald Trump's order that they make public highly sensitive files in the Russia investigation, are hoping the White House will allow them to conduct a formal declassification review and damage assessment before they are forced to release the documents, current and former officials tell NBC News." NBC News

And as a result, last week, on Friday, The Donald walked-back those demands citing, among other things, requests from "key allies" to keep those documents a secret from the American public.

Apparently the 5-Eyes gave The Donald the stink-eye... and he shriveled up... like a frightened turtle.

Yesterday’s Very Odd, Fast Paced Events: Question – Was Judge Nap Right? Are the 5 Eyes Now Spying on Devin?

by Scott Creighton (archived repost from Mar. 23, 2017)

UPDATE: There was a counter-terrorism drill held on the Thames river in East London on this past Sunday which involved simulating a “marauding” terrorist attack. See here and here. Reports said it was “terrifyingly realistic”

(This is just a “what if” theory here, so don’t kill me you 5 Eyes intel fascists out there…)

How often are there terrorist attacks in Britain? I’m not talking about the financial terrorism London conducts on the rest of the world, I’m talking “Global War OF Terror” stuff. You know, “ISIS” inspired things conducted by folks ALWAYS known to intelligence agencies, ALWAYS with little or no motive and ALWAYS happen at a time that is very beneficial for various deep state institutions.

You know.. terrorism.

How often?

In 2013 Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich. In Dec. of 2015 there was a stabbing event on a subway or something. Last year Labor MP Jo Cox was killed by someone yelling “Britain first” in order to demonize Brexit. But that’s about it, right? Of course there was 7/7 where some locations were bombed that just happened to be the exact same locations where they were having “counter terrorism” drills. But that’s about it, right? Doesn’t happen very often.

So yesterday’s seemingly hastily constructed terror attack at Westminster is not a regular occurrence by any stretch of the imagination. And as it just so happened, it took place on the very same day Devin Nunes found out there was a lot more to this “Trump surveillance” story that he and we have been told.

What you are Not Being Told about the Susan Rice “unmasking” Story: It Wasn’t Incidental Collection Damn It

by Scott Creighton (archived repost from April 4, 2017 )

UPDATE: Don Lemon on CNN last night told his viewers to “ignore” the stories about Susan Rice spying. As if we expected anything different from that sycophantic asshat.

UPDATE:Rice’s interest in the intelligence docs accelerated after Trump’s election in November, lasting through January.”

Today on Morning Joe (that callus echo chamber of neoliberal “centrist” apologists who openly admit their job is to control what you think) all the angry declarations of Trump “lying” about being “wiretapped’ are gone. Not a word of “mea culpa”. Not a single apology. Not a moment of reflection about how they jumped to conclusions and ran with an assumption because it suited their personal ideologies and those of their owners. None of that took place.

But they did have to admit that Susan Rice behaved in a potentially illegal manner and they did say it was “troubling” that an administration would use the powers given to them in such a manner because of course, in the future, Trump himself might do it.

They spoke about Rice’s unmasking and dissemination of classified data with the somber tones one would expect from a group of people who just had to admit they were completely wrong for the past month and then, like a light turning on in a dark basement, they all turned gleeful when they started talking about Eric Prince meeting with some Arab someplace because, according to the thought controllers, that means Trump works for Putin.

And all was right again the world of Morning Joe.

I am so sick of people couching the discussions about “unmasked” American Citizen One’s communications in terms of the collection of that private information being justified because it was “incidental collection”

It was not.

Not “Ridiculous Nonsense” Anymore: Yes, British Intelligence and Others Did Spy on Trump Campaign Using the 14 Eyes Program

by Scott Creighton (archived repost from April 14, 2017)

After listening to a month’s worth of the complicit media yelling their outrage at Sean Spicer, Devin Nunes, Judge Napolitano, Donald Trump and all the other “conspiracy theorists” (myself included) who dared suggest it was even slightly possible that British intelligence agencies used the 5 Eyes program to spy on the Trump campaign staff in the lead-up to the election and then share that information with the Obama administration (who at the time was working as a surrogate for the Hillary team) today we have confirmation that, yes, GCHQ and other British intel services did in fact spy on team Trump and share the information they collected with Obama. And it predates the “Russian hacking” bull crap.
The narrative being sculpted is that the Brits were simply assisting in the ongoing investigation into the “Russian hacking” story but the truth is, their intel dates back to late 2015… long before the “Russian hacking” narrative.

The Guardian, who broke this story, say “It is understood that GCHQ was at no point carrying out a targeted operation against Trump or his team or proactively seeking information..” and that is it in terms of providing any substantial evidence at all that they weren’t deliberately targeting the Trump campaign staff during the election process looking for juicy info they could feed Obama and American intelligence services to use against him in the election.

Turns out, a number of foreign agencies had their hands in the effort to thwart the Trump candidacy and Russia wasn’t one of them.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ben Swann Truth in Media: More Americans "Rethinking" 9/11?

Dissent Is No Longer Permissible In The West

by Andrew Cheetham on David Icke website


A French Court Has Ordered A Psychiatric Exam Of Opposition Leader Marine Le Pen.

So Much for Western “democracy.” Nothing is less wecomed in the West than democracy.

It has long been understood in Europe that the resurrection of French President Charles de Gaulle’s French nationalism under Marine Le Pen was unacceptable to Washington. De Gaulle was not Washington-compliant, and Washington does not want another non-compliant French nationalist.

Dispelling 4 Partial Truths About Syria - Half Measures Avail Us Nothing

While it is good so see so many coming forward and telling the truth about the illegal Syrian regime change operation, we must be diligent in our reporting. Meaning: telling people half of the story just isn't enough. In this video I flush out 4 key points for Jimmy Dore and his crew.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Major study: Drug overdoses over a 38-year period reveal hidden trends

(Every year it seems we see another film which strongly implies government collusion with the narcotics industry. Sicario exposes the CIA's connection to  the Colombian Medellin cartel and how they supposedly work with the DEA and other agencies to make winners and losers in the illegal narcotics industry. This year White Boy Rick features a story about a illegal weapon's dealer's son who ends up being a undercover Fed who starts running cocaine in the 80s. Freeway Ricky Ross was an asset of the CIA back in the Iran Contra days. In the film Kill the Messenger he had a small role being interviewed as a key witness of Gary Webb's. Back in 2007 Denzel Washington played the part of Frank Lucas in American Gangster. Lucas was bringing in heroin from the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War getting people addicted to it on the east coast for years. His pipeline was via the US military. The film tried to pretend an operation that big could go unnoticed by the Army all that time, but you know damn well that was a farce and Lucas was simply their front-man. Whether it was heroin in the 60s and 70s or crack in the 80s and 90s or meth at the turn of the century (even had a TV show glorifying it) or pills from Big Pharma or more heroin again now from Afghanistan that our soldiers protect... it damn sure seems like an orchestrated operation to me. And this study shows just how successful it has been all this time. Steady growth in these numbers do not imply a random occurrence. This is a growing trend. And one that seems to be supported by certain aspects of government. SC)

from BigThink

A new study has just been published in Science.Org magazine detailing the progression of addiction in the United States from 1979 to 2016.

Named "Changing dynamics of the drug overdose epidemic in the United States from 1979 through 2016," it records the deaths from 600,000 overdoses during that 38-year period.

The results are more disturbing because one fact emerges: no matter the drug of choice for those who overdosed, or even the demographic backgrounds of those who overdosed, the mortality rate has increased every year since 1979.

Even more alarming: Even if, for example, the current opioid crises begins to be dealt with, the trajectory is such that deaths from that same drug would not lessen.

Indeed, more than 70,000 died from overdoses in 2017, and nearly 70% of those are were from heroin, opioids, and fentanyl, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

[read more here]

Hold the Front Page: The Reporters are Missing

by John Pilger, Consortium News

The death of Robert Parry earlier this year felt like a farewell to the age of the reporter. Parry was “a trailblazer for independent journalism”, wrote Seymour Hersh, with whom he shared much in common. 

Hersh revealed the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the secret bombing of Cambodia, Parry exposed Iran-Contra, a drugs and gun-running conspiracy that led to the White House. In 2016, they separately produced compelling evidence that the Assad government in Syria had not used chemical weapons. They were not forgiven.

Terror Attack in Ahvaz Iran is Part of the Iran Regime Change Operation

The terror attack that took place this morning in Iran is part of a larger regime change operation taking place right now in the country. The Ahvazia Group, the MEK and the glorious Kurds are all part of a much larger global initiative to seize control of the world's energy markets.

Several casualties in terror attack on military parade in Ahvaz

from Press TV

Ten people were killed and at least 20 people others injured in a terrorist attack on a military parade in Iran’s southern city of Ahvaz on Saturday, a provincial governor said.

Gunmen opened fire on people from behind a viewing stand at Qods Boulevard of Ahvaz during the morning parade held to mark the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran in the 1980s.

"Individuals disguised in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and Basij uniforms fired at officials and people from behind the stand, leaving a number of innocent people including women and children martyred or injured," Governor of Khuzestan Province Gholamreza Shariati said.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Don't Be Conflicted: Ocasio-Cortez is a TRAINED NEOLIBERAL and a FRAUD

Folks are conflicted about Ocasio-Cortez' support of all things Corporatist DNC inlcuding her backing of Andrew Cuomo. They shouldn't be. She's a TRAINED NEOLIBERAL ECONOMIST and a FRAUD and calling her out for what she is doing is exactly what the REAL LEFT needs to hear.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Progressives Soured on Gillum and Ocasio: When Hopey-Changy Goes Terribly Wrong

You can't "CHANGE" the Democratic Party from within. You can't "CHANGE" the system from within. Mr. Smith goes goes to Washington and gets neutered, bought-off and replaced with a pod-person. Stop falling for this crap and stop following those that do.

Korean defense chiefs sign ‘military pact’ after Kim & Moon adopt denuclearization roadmap

from RT

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have signed a joint statement following their bilateral talks in Pyongyang. The countries’ defense chiefs have meanwhile signed a separate military pact.

As part of the military agreement, the neighbors will halt border drills from November 1, Yonhap reports. South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo and North Korea’s No Kwang-chol also agreed to stop military flights in the vicinity of the demarcation line. In addition, the agreement envisions setting up a buffer zone in the Yellow Sea and suspending maritime drills.

As a clear sign of mutual trust, the Pyongyang military agreement also calls for the withdrawal of soldiers from the demilitarized zone and disarming the servicemen keeping watch at Panmunjom border village. The nations also agreed that each would close eleven border guard posts by the end of 2018.

The Koreas’ armed forces will establish and operate a “joint military committee” to discuss the implementation of the military agreement on a “permanent basis,” Moon Jae-in noted.
 Speaking to the press on the outcome of Moon's visit to North Korea, Kim noted that the “agreement at Pyongyang summit will advance an era of peace, prosperity.” Kim especially noted that the military agreement will help to denuclearize the peninsula and reach a lasting peace. He also agreed to travel soon to South Korea to meet Moon for the fourth time since the reconciliation effort between the neighbors began with the Olympic Peace diplomacy earlier this year. To emphasize their commitment to peace, the nations have decided to send a united team to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and will submit a joint bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics...

[read more here]

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Russian IL-20 Military Aircraft Shot Down During Israeli Attack on Latakia

Russia and Turkey came up with a brilliant solution to deescalate the growing tensions around Idlib that threatened to explode into WWIII. Hours after announcing their plan, the Israelis attacked Syria in such a way as to put a Russian plane right in the middle of the attack.

Syria - Israel Provocation Kills Russian Soldiers - Moscow Will Take Political Revenge

from Moon of Alabama (they came to the same conclusion I did in my video)

Yesterday Turkey and Russia agreed on a further de-escalation in Idelb province in Syria (see the update here). This agreement takes away the chance of an imminent wider war in which the U.S. and some of its allies would use a fake 'chemical attack' as a pretext to launch missiles against a large number of Syrian government targets and military positions.

A peaceful solution of the Idleb situation is unsatisfying for Israel. The successful Syrian defeat of the Jihadi enemy inside the country would allow Syria and its allies to concentrate their forces against Israel. Israel wants the Syrian government destroyed and the country in chaos.

On Sunday September 16 Israel hit an Iranian Boeing 747 fright plane at Damascus airport. The plane allegedly carried an Iranian copy of the Russian S-300 long range air defense System for the Syrian army.

On Monday around 10:00pm local time 4 F-16 jets of the Israeli airforce coming from the sea launched missiles against at least three targets on Syria's coast. The strike came only hours after Israel released satellite images of what it called "strategic targets" in Syria. The integrated Syrian and Russian air-defenses responded.

The Israeli air force had warned the Russian forces in Syria only one minute before the strike. A Russian IL-20 electronic warfare airplane (red line) was preparing to land at the Russian airport near Latakia just as the Israeli attack (blue) happened...

[read more here]

Putin and Erdogan agree to create demilitarised zone in Syria's Idlib

from Middle East Eye

Russia said on Monday there will be no new military operation against rebels in Idlib by Syrian government forces and their allies after President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The two leaders, who back opposing sides in Syria’s seven-year war, came together in an ad hoc meeting in the Russian resort city of Sochi as tensions grew over Idlib, the last major opposition bastion in Syria.

The Syrian government, backed by Russian air power, appeared recently to be poised to stage an assault on Idlib province, which is also home to thousands of hardline militants.

Putin said Moscow and Ankara agreed to create a 15-20 km demilitarised zone between rebels and Syrian government forces by 15 October.

Russian and Turkish forces will patrol the buffer zone. "Radically-minded" groups, including former al-Qaeda affiliate Hay’at Tahrir a-Sham (HTS), will withdraw from the zone, and heavy weapons held by Syrian rebels in Idlib city would be handed over by 20 October, according to the agreement.
This approach, Putin said, is supported by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad...

[read more here]


from Fort Russ

Russian President Vladimir Putin has just publicly declared that Turkey and Russia have agreed to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib which will have a depth of 15 km, to be ready and in place by October 15th. This is effectively a ceasefire, with Turkish forces and Russian military police that will conduct joint patrols towards the de-escalation in Idlib.

Russia’s Defence Minister Shoigu has just publicly stated: there will be no military operation in Idlib.

FRN previously raised the possibility of Turkey securing Idlib on its own, then working towards using this possibly to acquire territory or make a better deal with Russia. It appears the second has happened, as we forecasted. Our general operating thesis that ‘things are never as they appear’ was confirmed as well...

[read more here]

Russian MoD Blames Israel for Attack Which Led to Downing of Il-20 by Syria

from Sputnik International

A Russian military aircraft with 14 people on board disappeared from radar screens over Syria at the same time that Israeli and French forces were mounting aerial attacks on targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry has stated.

Israel had notified Russia about its operation in Syria via hotline a minute before the strike, which did not allow enough time for the Il-20 aircraft to make it to the safe zone, the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

Israel's Embassy in Moscow has refused to comment on Russian Military's statement on Il-20 crash.
"We deny any involvement," spokesman for the French military Colonel Patrik Steiger said responding to the accusations.

The United States believes that the plane, an Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft, was accidentally shot down by friendly fire from Syrian anti-aircraft artillery, a US official reportedly noted...

[red more here]

Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian missile after attacking Israel’s F-16s used it as cover – Russian MoD

from RT

The Russian military say the Israeli raid on Syria triggered a chain of events, which led to the shooting down of a Russian Il-20 plane by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile. Moscow reserves the right to respond accordingly. 
On Monday evening four Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked targets in Syria’s Latakia after approaching from the Mediterranean, a statement by the Russian defense ministry said on Tuesday. The Israeli warplanes came at a small altitude and “created a dangerous situation for other aircraft and vessels in the region”, it said.

The military said the French Navy’s frigate “Auvergne” as well as a Russian Il-20 plane were in the area of the Israeli operation.

“The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces. As a consequence, the Il-20, which has radar cross-section much larger than the F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile,” the statement said.

The Russian ministry stressed that the Israelis must have known that the Russian plane was present in the area, which didn’t stop them from “the provocation”. Israel also failed to warn Russia about the planned operation in advance. The warning came a minute before the attack started, which “did not leave time to move the Russian plane to a safe area,” the statement said.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Russia detects missile launches from French frigate off Syria’s coast in Mediterranean – MoD

from RT

Russian airspace control systems have registered missile launches from a French frigate in the Mediterranean on Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

The French Navy’s newest frigate, FS Auvergne, fired rockets around 8pm GMT Monday, the Russian military said. “Airspace control has recorded rocket launches from the French frigate Auvergne,” the ministry’s statement read. The Auvergne is deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Syria.

Auvergne is a 'European multi-purpose frigate' (FREMM) which entered the service of the French Navy in February this year. Prior to its official commissioning, the Aquitaine class warship witnessed deployment across the globe, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The launch was detected around the same time as air traffic controllers at the Khmeimim Air Base “lost contact” with a military Il-20 aircraft during an attack of Israeli F-16 fighters on Latakia. Fourteen people were on board the plane at the time of the disappearance. A search and rescue mission is underway...

[read more here]

Russian Aircraft Went Off Radar Near Hmeymim Airbase in Syria, Military Reports

from Sputnik International

The Russian Defence Ministry reported that the Russian Il-20 aircraft went off radar near Hmeymim airbase in Syria. The plane carried 14 servicemen; their fate is unknown.

"On September 17, at about 11 p.m. Moscow time [20:00 GMT], the communication with the crew of the Russian Il-20 aircraft was lost when it was over the Mediterranean Sea, some 35 kilometers from the Syrian coast, on its way back to Hmeymim airbase," the report said.

Latakia came under fire earlier today in a missile attack military sources said come from the direction of the sea. The Russian Defense Ministry in its statement about the missing plane identified four Israeli F-16 airplanes as part of the attack on Latakia. Personnel at Hmeymim airbase have organized a search and rescue operation.

Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson refused to comment on the plane disappearance. After taking a break for a consultation with the command, the spokesperson said that IDF doesn't comment on reports from abroad.

Earlier on Monday, Syrian media reported a missile attack on the Syrian city of Latakia. A source told Sputnik that there were drones and missiles involved in the attack. Another source from Syrian military said that the missile attack on the coastal city was made from the sea...

[read more here]

Russian plane disappears from radars during Israeli attack on Syria’s Latakia – MoD


A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members on board went off the radars during an attack by four Israeli jets on Syria’s Latakia province, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Air traffic controllers at the Khmeimim Air Base “lost contact” with the aircraft on Monday evening, during the attack of Israeli F-16 fighters on Latakia, said the MOD. The plane was 35 kilometers off the coast of Syria when it vanished.

 Russian radars also registered the launch of missiles from a French frigate in the Mediterranean on the evening of September 17.

Fourteen people were on board the plane at the time of the disappearance. A search and rescue mission is underway.

The Ilyushin 20 (IL-20) surveillance turboprop plane is an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) platform, equipped with a wide range of antennas, infrared and optical sensors. The aircraft's SLAR (Side-Looking Airborne Radar) and the plane's satellite link allows the Russian military to monitor Syrian skies in real time.

An hour-long attack on Latakia began around 10 pm local time, and targeted a power station as well as two facilities belonging to the Syrian military. Syrian officials said the attack was “foreign” and came “from the sea,” but could not initially confirm rumors that Israel was behind it. Seven people were injured in the attack, according to Syrian officials.

While the Russian military said it recorded four F-16 Israeli jets over Syria at the time of the attack on Latakia, the IDF has refused to comment on the report...

[read more here]

Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea' – local media

from RT


Syrian air defenses have engaged missiles targeting the area of Latakia, a city in the coastal province that is the home of Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base. Seven people were reportedly injured in the attack.

Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea' – local media (VIDEOS)
According to the state SANA news agency, the attack targeted the Technical Industries Agency headquarters in Latakia, owned by the Syrian military. Reports from the area refer to “powerful explosions” heard in the city. According to Syrian military sources, the strikes also targeted a power station and an aluminum factory.

The attack began around 10 pm local time. Photos posted on social media show tracers and missile plumes streaking across the night sky above Latakia, as well as several explosions...

[read more here]

Tim Canova is Neither Progressive nor Independent: Don't Waste Your Money or Your Time on Him

How "progressive" and "independent" is Tim Canova? Not very. So he's not worth your time or your money.

Unless of course you're like Tim and John Bolton and think Iran should be sanctioned more and regime changed.

Seems Like the White Helmets Were Paid $6.6 Million to Help Fabricate Bogus June 13, 2018 OPCW FFM Study

by Scott Creighton (archived re-post from June 13, 2018)

(If anyone can find a copy of this which includes the images, please link to it below so I can import them into this one. Thanks)

James Le Mesuier, founder of the hearts and minds campaign known as the White Helmets, jumped into the discussion on Twitter about the regime change operation in Syria and President Trump deciding to go back on his pledge to defund that operation early last month. James probably worried about his meal-ticket going bankrupt if social media were allowed to go on it’s own merry way exposing the fraud of his creation. So he decided to open his mouth and get involved and it’s my guess he kinda wishes he didn’t at this point.

The following is what I found after digging into this new Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Fact Finding Mission study (OPCW FFM)

We will start off with quotes from the OPCW report dated June 13, 2018
“After the FFM became aware of allegations of use of a toxic chemical as a weapon in Ltamenah, in the Hama Governorate, the team assessed the credibility of the allegations based on information collected from open sources and information received from several non-governmental organisations (NGOs).”
“During the FFM deployment to gather facts related to the use of chemicals as a weapon in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017, the team also received samples...”
“For both incidents (24 and 25 March), the FFM interviewed a variety of witnesses including health workers, witnesses, first responders, and casualties. The team received environmental samples collected from the sites of the incidents.”
“Once the impact locations of the incident on 24 March 2017 were determined during the interviews, the FFM coordinated the sample collection from these locations with an NGO.”
“After an incident was reported in the media concerning alleged use of chlorine that hit a field hospital in Ltamenah on 25 March 2017, the team conducted further open-source research and commenced the collection and review of all relevant information about the allegation. The majority of sources consisted, at an initial stage, of news media and the websites of various NGOs (Annex 2).”
“Subsequently, the FFM obtained further information from NGOs and expanded its search for potential interviewees and evidence regarding this allegation.”
The OPCW FFM (Fact Finding Mission) refused to visit the sites to collect their samples instead relying on samples provided by an NGO, the White Helmets, which receive funding from Saudi Arabia, England and the United States… all external players in this conflict who have been fueling the regime change operation since it’s inception.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Leaked Clips from Censored Documentary on Israel Lobby Reveal Attacks on US Activists

Syrian military downs Israeli missiles fired at Damascus airport

from Press TV

Syrian military has announced that its missile defense system successfully intercepted and downed Israeli missiles fired at an airport in the capital Damascus.

The official SANA agency said late Saturday that the military had thwarted an "Israeli aggression," adding that a number of “enemy missiles” fired at the Damascus International Airport had been dismantled.

“Our air defense systems thwarted an Israeli missile aggression,” a military source told the agency, after reports said several explosions had been heard near the airport...

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Nicaragua's Success Threatens US Stranglehold on Latin America

from TeleSUR

 The United States' economic and geopolitical stranglehold on Latin America is threatened and they are running scared to put Nicaragua on the Security Council's agenda, pass the repressive NICA Act and covertly fund mass disinformation campaigns and demonstrations, replete with mortar-wielding mercenaries, against the legitimate government of sovereign Nicaragua – a peaceful country the approximate size of New York State.

Washington's bureaucrats not only fear favorable reports being released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank on the successful economic and social policies instituted by President Ortega because they undermine their disinformation campaigns to slander and discredit him, but even more importantly, because Nicaragua's achievements inspire other developing countries. According to the IMF and World Bank reports, Nicaragua has sustained growth in GDP, improved its social indicators, expanded tourism, and provided regional leadership in public safety and sustainable energy. As such, the United States is in a race against time to undermine President Ortega before a tsunami of developing countries wanting success through his model of autonomy topples all its remaining puppet dictatorships.
Historically, the U.S. government justified imperial invasion and occupation by claiming its targeted country was 'communist.' Now that the spurious threat of communism has been largely debunked, the latest buzzword used to justify imperial aggression by the United States, when it's not throwing around the word 'terrorism,' is 'democracy.' In doing this, the United States effectively lowered its justification bar further, because democracy is a nebulous concept at best. The United States conceals its imperialist aggression under the pretense of being the world's democracy 'policeman' when in fact it is just the opposite. The United States functions as the world's democracy criminal, overthrowing legitimate governments of sovereign nations to allow its puppet master transnational corporations to unabashedly steal without interference...

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'Deadly Exchange': Report Details, Criticizes Israel's Role in Militarizing US Law Enforcement Post 9/11

from TeleSUR

The Researching the American-Israeli Alliance group, in partnership with anti-occupation group Jewish Voice for Peace released a report detailing the ways in which exchanges between the United States and Israeli state security agencies have reinforced a “security model that justifies flagrant human and civil rights violations” in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

This model, which relies on civilian surveillance and racial profiling along with suppressing public protests and critical social movements, does not target potential foreign enemy threats but civilian population and minority communities.

The report titled “Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of American Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel” details how the U.S. War on Terror paved the way for the increase in the “militarization of domestic law enforcement,” enhanced by the institutionalization of Israel-U.S. security exchanges.

“Months after 9/11, American law enforcement representatives (including police chiefs, FBI and CIA agents, future ICE officers, and MTA security directors) attended their first official training expedition to Israel,” the report states...

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Russia Blinks: Trump Saves al Qaeda in Idlib... for Now

Syria and Russia have announced a delay in their assault on al Qaeda-controlled Idlib. US war-mongers have successfully prevented them from attacking al Qaeda under threat of military retaliation.

Let that sink in for a minute. That's the world we live in now.


Britain Arrests Dr. Chris Busby, Skripal Case Skeptic, on Trumped Up Charges

(Please pardon the glitchiness of this video. It clears up in some areas but like I said in the video, when you open a Daily Mail page, they slam you with all sorts of stuff that slows down weaker systems like mine. The audio is still good and he is definitely worth listening to)

The fascist state of Britain is getting serious about protecting their propaganda these days. Dr. Busby is a knowledgeable expert on chemistry and his opinion holds up under scrutiny... so he had to go.

Nikki Haley, Jeffrey Sachs and Shane Bauer: The Info War on Idlib Heats Up

The hearts and minds campaign of the war on Syria is heating up. As Haley threatens we will defend al Qaeda in Syria regardless of the type of attack from the SAA, Mockingbird journalists like Bauer go after seated Representatives for daring to wonder why Trump wants to protect terrorists. In the midst of all that, a little truth sneaks out on Morning Joe.

Are we looking at another Cuban missile crisis?

Friday, September 14, 2018

Censored film reveals The Israel Project’s secret Facebook campaign

from Electronic Intafada

The Israel Project, a major advocacy group based in Washington, is running a secret influence campaign on Facebook.

This is revealed in The Lobby – USA, an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that has never been broadcast due to censorship by Qatar following pressure from pro-Israel organizations.

The video above, exclusive to The Electronic Intifada, shows the latest excerpts to leak from the documentary.

Earlier leaked footage published by The Electronic Intifada and the Grayzone Project has already revealed underhanded tactics by anti-Palestinian groups planned and executed in collusion with the Israeli government.

In the newest clips, David Hazony, the managing director of The Israel Project, is heard telling Al Jazeera’s undercover reporter: “There are also things that we do that are completely off the radar. We work together with a lot of other organizations.”

“We produce content that they then publish with their own name on it,” Hazony adds.

A major part of the operation is the creation of a network of Facebook “communities” focused on history, the environment, world affairs and feminism that appear to have no connection to pro-Israel advocacy, but are used by The Israel Project to spread pro-Israel messaging...

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Europe just voted to wreck the internet, spying on everything and censoring vast swathes of our communications

from Boing Boing

Lobbyists for "creators" threw their lot in with the giant entertainment companies and the newspaper proprietors and managed to pass the new EU Copyright Directive by a hair's-breadth this morning, in an act of colossal malpractice to harm to working artists will only be exceeded by the harm to everyone who uses the internet for everything else.

Here's what the EU voted in favour of this morning:

* Upload filters: Everything you post, from short text snippets to stills, audio, video, code, etc will be surveilled by copyright bots run by the big platforms. They'll compare your posts to databases of "copyrighted works" that will be compiled by allowing anyone to claim copyright on anything, uploading thousands of works at a time. Anything that appears to match the "copyright database" is blocked on sight, and you have to beg the platform's human moderators to review your case to get your work reinstated.
* Link taxes: You can't link to a news story if your link text includes more than a single word from the article's headline. The platform you're using has to buy a license from the news site, and news sites can refuse licenses, giving them the right to choose who can criticise and debate the news.
* Sports monopolies: You can't post any photos or videos from sports events -- not a selfie, not a short snippet of a great goal. Only the "organisers" of events have that right. Upload filters will block any attempt to violate the rule.
Here's what they voted against:
* "Right of panorama": the right to post photos of public places despite the presence of copyrighted works like stock arts in advertisements, public statuary, or t-shirts bearing copyrighted images. Even the facades of buildings need to be cleared with their architects (not with the owners of the buildings).
* User generated content exemption: the right to use small excerpt from works to make memes and other critical/transformative/parodical/satirical works. 

Having passed the EU Parliament, this will now be revised in secret, closed-door meetings with national governments ("the trilogues") and then voted again next spring, and then go to the national governments for implementation in law before 2021. These all represent chances to revise the law, but they will be much harder than this fight was. We can also expect lawsuits in the European high courts over these rules: spying on everyone just isn't legal under European law, even if you're doing it to "defend copyright."

In the meantime, what a disaster for creators. Not only will be we liable to having our independently produced materials arbitrarily censored by overactive filters, but we won't be able to get them unstuck without the help of big entertainment companies. These companies will not be gentle in wielding their new coercive power over us (entertainment revenues are up, but the share going to creators is down: if you think this is unrelated to the fact that there are only four or five major companies in each entertainment sector, you understand nothing about economics).

But of course, only an infinitesimal fraction of the material on the platforms is entertainment related. Your birthday wishes and funeral announcements, little league pictures and political arguments, wedding videos and online educational materials are also going to be filtered by these black-box algorithms, and you're going to have to get in line with all the other suckers for attention from a human moderator at one of the platforms to plead your case...

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Jamarl Thomas is Triggered and Pitching a Fit on Twitter

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pat Robertson Casts ‘Shield Of Protection’ to Save his Stuff from Hurricane Florence

How can I explain it any better than the title? He prayed to Jesus to save his windows and trees and failed to mention the lives of the students at his campus. I mean, that's aside from the whole "shield of protection" voodoo spell he cast.

What year is this again?

All kidding aside, if you are down there, buckle up or get out. Best of luck to you all. My thoughts are with you.

Israa al-Ghomgham, Saudi Arabia and Jamarl Thomas' Total FAIL Video

Israa al-Ghomgham is a protester set to be put to death for "inflaming public opinion" against the ruling elite of Saudi Arabia. This is horrible but nothing new for our friends in the Middle East. Hell, Israel just shoots them to death if they get too close to a fence. And they are our "best friends" over there. We have a "special relationship" don't you know.

As bad as the situation is, Jamarl Thomas makes it even worse as he learns the hard way... pimpin ain't easy.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dutch Government Faces Protest Over Syrian Rebel Support

from TeleSUR

The government of the Netherlands is facing widespread criticism from lawmakers and citizens after it was revealed it had supported a Syrian rebel group, which Dutch prosecutors had labeled a ‘terrorist’ organization.

The revelation came in a news report on Nieuwsuur a current affairs program on public broadcasters NOS and NTR Monday. According to the report, the Netherlands gave “non-lethal assistance” (NLA) to 22 armed rebel groups. One of the groups has been identified as Jabhat al-Shamiya, which had been supplied with pick-up trucks, uniforms and other equipment last year.

During the time the assistance was given, however, Dutch officials in the port city of Rotterdam were prosecuting a suspected militant for belonging to Jabhat al-Shamiya, which has been labeled in Dutch court papers as  "Salafist and jihadist movement striving for a caliphate".

Following the broadcasting of the report, Parliamentarians demand answers describing the group as nothing more than a "criminal organization with a terrorist aim." Jabhat al-Shamiya, also known as the Levant Front, is an umbrella group for rebel fighters based in northern Syria...

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ICC shrugs off US threats over Afghan war crimes probe

from Press TV

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has firmly dismissed a threat of sanctions against it by US National Security Adviser John Bolton in case it probes possible US war crimes in Afghanistan, declaring that it will continue its work “undeterred.”
“The ICC, as a court of law, will continue to do its work undeterred, in accordance with those principles and the overarching idea of the rule of law,” the ICC announced in a Tuesday statement, a day after Bolton used bullying rhetoric against the UN-backed tribunal in The Hague.
Bolton brazenly threatened on Monday that if the ICC proceeded with a possible probe into possible war crimes committed by the US military and intelligence operatives during its war in Afghanistan or pursued any investigation into war crimes by the Israeli regime or other American allies, Washington would impose sanctions against the court and seek to prosecute its officials where possible...

... Washington has refused to ratify the Rome Treaty that established the ICC. The US has adopted the so-called American Services-Members’ Protection Act — nicknamed The Hague Invasion Act — which authorizes the use of any means necessary to free any American personnel held by the court...

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‘Something big is coming’: French aid worker in Aleppo says Syrians bracing for US attack

from RT

A major US military escalation in Syria would be “based on lies” and will have “terrible” consequences for Syrians, a French aid worker in Aleppo told RT, adding that Washington seems determined to prolong the war at any cost.

Pierre Le Corf, the founder of the NGO ‘We Are Superheroes’, has lived for nearly three years in Aleppo – but he said that Western governments, including his home country of France, have provided a distorted picture of the reality on the ground.

“In Aleppo, people are trying to rebuild their lives, and they need to believe that [the war] is over. But we know that something big is coming,” he told RT when asked about Washington’s repeated threats of military action if the Syrian Army attempts to recapture Idlib province, the last Al-Qaeda stronghold in the country.

He said that the United States and its allies were using humanitarian concerns as a pretense for prolonging the bloody, seven-year conflict, adding that a major US military escalation in the country would be “based on lies” and would be “terrible for all Syrians.”
“What may happen may be catastrophic,” he said...

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Russian MOD Reports White Helmets Currently Staging “False Flag” Chemical Attack in Idlib

by Whitney Webb from Mint Press News

Russian military sources, as cited by Sputnik News, have reported that footage depicting what they have identified as a false-flag chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib province is currently being filmed and is expected to be sent to different international television channels before the end of the day. The news has sparked concern that the promised retaliation from the U.S., U.K. and France could be less than a day away.

The Russian military sources — who work for the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, which oversees Russia’s legal military presence in Syria — stated that “militants are now filming a staged provocation in the city of Jisr al-Shughur, where ‘chemical weapons’ are depicted as being used by the Syrian army against civilians.” Based on information “received from inhabitants of Idlib province,” the Russian military also stated that “film crew[s] of several Middle Eastern TV channels arrived in Jisr al-Shughur in the morning” along with “the regional affiliate of one of the main American television news networks.”

The report notes, unsurprisingly, that the staged event gives a prominent role to the Syrian White Helmets, who will be shown “’helping’ residents of Jisr al-Shughur after the Syrian army allegedly used the so-called barrel bombs with poisonous substances.” It also states that the “chemical weapon” to be used in the attack is two containers “loaded with a chlorine-based toxic substance.” At the time the Russian military issued the warning of an imminent “false-flag” chemical weapons attack, these containers were located at a grain storage site.

These warnings from the Russian military come after the Syrian and Russian governments presented evidence to the UN Security Council showing that Idlib “rebels” linked to Al Qaeda were planning to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to provoke foreign military intervention against the Syrian government.

Notably, a recent Wall Street Journal report stated that anonymous U.S. officials had confirmed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had personally “approved” the use of “chlorine gas” against civilians in Idlib. That report also stated that President Trump may attack Syria regardless of whether or not a chemical weapons attack is alleged to have taken place...

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New Colonialism and the Colonial Media

by Tim Anderson at AHT

The seven Middle East wars of the last two decades mark a new colonial era, driven by a failing empire. But colonization is banned these days, so an ideological cover is needed, and with today’s highly literate populations that cover is provided by an embedded colonial media, backed up by a well-paid NGO sector.

This colonial media is required to recycle the new colonial myths, that vicious predatory invasions are ‘humanitarian interventions’, that terrorist proxy wars are ‘civil wars’ led by peaceful protestors, and that the independent target nations are simply illegitimate ‘regimes’ led by evil ‘dictators’.

That is why we see the durable, if hardly plausible, stories of Palestinian resistance to ethnic cleansing as ‘terrorism’; the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan as a war for the ‘rights of women’ (thank you George W. Bush and Amnesty International) and the repeated ‘false flag’ chemical weapons stunts in Syria (simply pretexts for further intervention), as the actions of a monster president who is (for some unexplained reason) ‘killing his own people’.

The colonial media could be characterized as an embedded state and corporate media sector, which seeks to normalize imperial war and sustain the myths of colonial interventions (in face of substantial reason and evidence) while demonizing independent states and dissident voices. Some criticism is allowed, so long as it does not support the resistance.

This sector has begun to include the giant corporations which control what had been a more diverse social media....

[read more here]

Figured Out Image Problem with Help from Viewers

I water-boarded my computer for a while and after that didn't work, I read some suggestions from viewers... and figured it out. Yep, it was on me. Don't know why it would work sometimes and not others, but I have figured out how to make them show and will be working on fixing the problem for the next couple of hours. Thanks for the help.

Amazing Disappearing Blogspot Blog Images

In this video you actually witness images appear and then disappear on my blog without me having done a damn thing to the post.

Having Trouble with Images on Blogspot Blog

Have you guys ever seen this shit before? Images on my 9/11 articles appear after posting then disappear then reappear. Its killing me. Any advice would be nice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

from The Corbett Report

9/11 War Games

from The Corbett Report

Neither Gravity nor Thermite: Video Evidence Points to High Explosives Used in the Controlled Demolition of Twin Towers

by Scott Creighton  (archived repost from Sept 6, 2010)
A video posted at Kenny’s Sideshow (quietly emerging as one of the best Truth sites out there) examines the formerly unheralded events that took place at Fresh Kills landfill right after 9/11.  It is intended to show the complex process that was set up to “recover” human remains and personal items from the debris from Ground Zero (Twin Towers, and Building 7) but I think it proves a great deal more
Two glaring aspects of the video stand out; the first being the level of pulverization of everything in the Twin Towers, from filing cabinets, to desks, to the concrete in the floors, the carpet on the floors, and the ceiling tiles, drywall, chairs, computers… everything. Everything was pulverized to dust and unfortunately, that also includes the victims who died that day.  
The next most important thing that leaps out at you as you watch this video is the evidence of the massive level of heat that had to be present during the relatively short collapse time of the Twin Towers.  Metal signs from the 34th floor are charred and burned (there was no fire on the 34th floor)… police officers guns have all the plastic and rubber handles melted off while their chrome finishes are burned away allowing for rust and pitting to set in and the same is true with their handcuffs.  Some guns were burned so badly, they are actually melted. 
This is what is to be expected during an event using huge amounts of high explosives such as PETN or RDX, two materials commonly used in controlled demolitions. But don’t expect NIST to point that fact out… or current “leaders” of the Truth movement either, for that matter.  Funny how that works, ain’t it?

9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

by Scott Creighton (archived repost from May 25, 2009)
Prologue: The Premise
Scott Creighton

Take yourself back to that day when you watched or listened to the attack on America; the day that everything changed. Remember where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, how you felt.
Think about the last few events of that day; how the news of the Pentagon being hit by something was followed almost immediately by the unexpected complete collapse of the South Tower (WTC 2). Remember how we had barely recovered from that shock, one that we were forced to watch in horror over and over again, when the unspeakable happened; the North Tower (WTC 1) fell in exactly the same way; at an eerie and almost supernatural speed as plumes of smoke and steel columns flung across city blocks.
Now I want you to put yourself in that very moment, once again, and prepare yourself for the missing final act that never took place and yet may be one of the most telling and condemning pieces of evidence in the ongoing unofficial investigation of 9/11.
The 9/11 Shock Opera
-  Flight 93 and Building 7 -  The Grand Finale … that wasn’t.
The North Tower has fallen and people are in absolute disbelief.  The grey faces staring back at us through the live news reports tell the story; they are blank with shock like infants in a war zone.

In New York, the yelling and the screams have faded into history as the dust settles… a deafening silence fills the air in your office or your home… no one speaks save the babbling talking heads on the news, all vying for their Peabody Award and their personal place in history…
When over the shoulder of a reporter we see, way off in the distance… rising from the horizon, coming in from the south, low and just over the murky blue of the Hudson Bay… Flight 93 on its final approach.
At first the reporter doesn’t notice, but you do; everyone in your office, everyone in your home, watches in silence. There is just no way possible…it must be something else, a military plane scouring the skies, protecting us, protecting America, protecting what’s left of New York…and we all watch as it grows ever larger, just over the reporters shoulder, while a sickening despair builds in each of us silent TV witnesses till our fears become the unavoidable realization.
It’s not over.
A scream somewhere off camera seems to snap the camera-man out of his trance and he shifts ever-so-slightly his focus, your focus, to the play’s approaching last act.
The talking head finally shuts up and turns just in time to see Flight 93 diving from the tip of Lower Manhattan. There is no question, there is nothing to say; Flight 93, in front of hundreds of cameras and thousands of witnesses, and the millions watching live on TV., roars past the remains of the lower New York City skyline, darts through the remaining smoke and dust of the towers, and plows into Building 7 of the World Trade Center somewhere around the 7th floor at over 600 mph. This is the area where the diesel fuel storage tanks are kept in the building, and the resulting explosion is something to behold. Orange-red flames reach all the way up the north face of the building as someone in your office lets out a little raspy scream. Whispered prayers float up from the crowd for those lost souls onboard.
But that is just the beginning.

Rumbles immediately are heard and felt underfoot by the dust covered survivors and first responders at Ground Zero a second after Flight 93’s tail disappears in the south face of Building 7.
The rumbles continue and before the reporter can utter a word, as the smoke cloud mushrooms past the top floor grey and red with menace, more explosions and more flashes, more grey-faced people running, their faces contorted masks of shear terror, and that terrible white noise of panicked people yelling warnings incoherently to one another, then the horrible reality sets in and we allow ourselves to acknowledge that building 7 …is moving.
In 7 seconds flat, building 7 collapses right before our eyes just at that moment when we thought there was no more; we thought we were safe and the worst of the suffering was behind us. The Towers were hit, they fell. The horror should have been over… but it wasn’t.
This was the final act, the Grand Finale, as scripted for the street theater opera known as 9/11.
But a funny thing happened on the way to Ground Zero, something that changed everything in the plan to change everything; a fighter pilot met Flight 93 route to New York and he may still yet be the conspirators’ ultimate demise and our last best hope.