Thursday, February 28, 2019

As Trump Seeks Peace in Korea, the Neocon Left Tries to Torpedo It

With all the distractions that took place yesterday, most folks don't even know Trump held another historic meeting with the leader of North Korea... and that was by design.

Bloomberg article

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  1. One minor correction, and as much as I hate to say Maddow is right, it is simply the opinion of the Justice Department that a sitting president cannot be indicted. There is no federal law prohibiting it, nor is it addressed in the constitution, nor has the Supreme Court ever ruled on it. There are differing opinions in the legal scholarship. The reason it was not explicitly addressed in the constitution was that the founders were in disagreement, with the more monarchically inclined in favor. It was discussed at the Constitutional Convention, but because agreement could not be reached, it was left ambiguous. Of course, were a grand jury to issue an indictment, it would quickly go to the supreme court. I suspect this court would rule in favor of the restriction. - Anon. X.