Monday, May 20, 2019

What the Fake Resistance is Helping Trump Get Away With

As Trump brags about being more neoliberal that Clinton and Reagan before him, the fake resistance is attacking peace activists, protecting the White Helmets psyop and generally distracting the left from the very real damage he's doing to this country with their conspiracy theories about Russian collusion/hacking.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

What is the Significance of the "Dancing Israelis" FOIA Release Images?

The images are so distorted you can't see the skyline of Manhattan in the background that combined with the fact that the faces of the subjects in the image were redacted, you can't glean any useful info from any of them.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Leaked Douma Report Proves Chemical Attack was Staged As Amy Goodman Spews Debunked Lies

As an OPCW report is leaked that makes it clear the Douma chemical attack was completely staged last year, Amy Goodman dusts off some debunked "Syrian prison torture" story to distract her antiwar audience from the truth... once again. She is about as shameful as it gets. She, like the New York Times and John Bolton alike, is nothing more than a peddler of augmented reality. Reality augmented with lies and FAKE NEWS.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What Happened to Isaac Kappy?

Not a big fan. Don't know much about him. But I will say his case serves as a warning to us all.

He actually mentions the 'veganmikey' guy in the last video he did saying he has no idea what happened to him then goes on too say he sold out for MUCH less than he thought he would and follows that up by saying he was 'manipulated' via "some things that induced the decision" which make me believe it was somehow drug related and 'veganmikey' was indeed, not what Isaac portrayed him to be back in August of 2018.

Why Do GoT Fans Hate Dany's Heel Turn?

Because it's more true to life for Americans than they care to admit.

Monday, May 13, 2019

What's Behind the ‘Sabotage’ Attack on Saudi Tankers?

Is it a Tonkin, Liberty, Incubator Babies or Northwoods operation? Cus with Bolton promising to dance with MEK terrorists in Tehran and Bibi dictating foreign policy objectives to Trump, you know it's one of em.

The "New Left" was Fake

Saturday, May 11, 2019

New Kurdish Congress: Who stands behind the Kurdish autonomy project in Syria?

(As tensions mount between us and the Iranians and Turkey, the Greater Kurdistan project rolls onward in Syria. 'Western Kurdistan' is about to become a thing.)

from Off Guardian

According to the source, a conference on the determination of the Kurdish-held areas’ status is expected to be carried out in Northern Syria. The media has not yet confirmed this information, but such a meeting had been long-awaited.

Referring to a number of influential experts and journalists (Diliman Abdulkader, Farhad “Fred” Khosravi, etc.), the source reported on a summit of Syrian Kurds, including leadership of forces opposed to Bashar al Assad, political parties, also community and civil society organizations leaders will be held in Ayn Issa town of Northern Raqqa under the sponsorship of the US. The event was marked as “Kurdish Congress” in invitation letters sent by facilitators, and the agenda contains issues of legitimation of the Kurdish administrative-territorial entity in Syria and the post-war settlement.
Furthermore, the source added representatives of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, that are partners of the US in the coalition, also have been involved in organizing the meeting.

It is planned that at the conclusion of the Congress participants will release an appeal to the Syrian President Bashar al Assad requesting the recognition of autonomy and providing local administrations with the broad repository of the powers, the source pointed out.

If it would be released, the backlash of the Syrian government against such a statement is not difficult to predict. Since the beginning of the crisis, Bashar al Assad has repeatedly stressed that he intends to regain control over all territories of the country without exception. Every mention of the Kurdish autonomy has caused harsh responses by Syrian government and military officials until the start of fighting against Kurdish forces. It is evident that the Congress facilitators cannot ignore it, which means that they deliberately provoke tensions between Damascus and Kurds...

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Manufactured Iranian Threat in the Persian Gulf