Friday, October 18, 2019

All Hell Breaks Out in Mexico: CIA's Cartel of Choice Kicks Off Campaign of Violence

It is fair too say the US is not happy with the direction Mexico's new government is heading in terms of domestic and foreign affairs. It is also fair too say the Sinaloa cartel has been aided by the DEA, CIA and both of the previous White House administrations for decades, not to mention several US banking institutions.

So would it be fair to consider the possibility that the recent violence in the streets of Mexico carried out by Sinaloa which undermines the stability and credibility of that new government in the county might just possibly be yet another Deep State destabilization by proxy army campaign?

CBS video

Business Insider article

Guardian article from 2011

Gunwalking scandal

US Gov and Sinaloa Partners in Crime

Forbes article on Fast and Furious

China getting closer to Mexico

Russia getting closer to Mexico

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