Sunday, December 1, 2019

Aunt BB and the Baby Gator


  1. Hi Scott, Aunt BB...
    I'm sending this msg here because of youtube censoring. Here is another name to put in your Blumenthal bucket of fakes. This one is a real disgusting figure and a warning to all Christians/Muslims/Natives who happen to read this. This 'human rights activist' named Andre Vilchek (maybe you've already heard of him) cries alligator tears for the down trodden and/or protesters...but indeed is another controlled opposition in disguise. He is well paid. And he just happens to be in the right place(s) at the right time(s). He declares to be a Communist. Holds Communist China in the highest regard: [] but in true form sheds many tears and exploits the protesters in Hong Kong. See the agenda here? []
    He was in Beirut when the protests went down (to divide the christian and muslim population) but quickly left when Hassan Nasrallah called for unity and to separate from the violent infiltrators. Here is what he wrote: []
    Here is a 2015 report by Richard Edmondson on VT: []
    Now he is back in LaPaz! The point I'm making to parallel with a report on NorthernTruthSeeker the overall picture that is taking place. I call it the Bolshevik World Order, but the words that are being used are...New World Order. See this video: The zionist Jews killed Millions - Сионистские евреи убили миллионы
    ...and the agenda today is no different, Christians are the target as they were then along with 'ethnic' nationals...and now Muslims because of the ME.
    That video is based on the book by Yuri Lina:

    For me this is dire warning as the Communists on the Left trying to impeach the 'Zionists' on the Right still equates Communist Bolsheviks ruling. I hope you both can look into this agenda and see/report on even more. Thank you.

    1. Also these books: by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      or buy online:
      (even though I hate Amazon)