Saturday, January 18, 2020

Anti-Neoliberal News of the Day Jan 18, 2020

News round-up from Libya to Syria to Iraq and France and good old US of A.

Turkey sends troops to Libya

Iraq and China getting closer

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  1. Hey Scott

    Listening as I respond..

    note this fact?

    Khalifa Haftar: Friend of Israel, Not A Force for Good In Libya

    "“The justification of those who support the Russian role in aiding the Syrian government, to defeat the opposition forces which included al-Qaeda and Daesh, is that the internationally-recognized government of Syria asked for its allies help. If consistent and we don’t apply a double standard, this is what is happening with the GNA-Turkey alliance”

    Consider that thought? The alt media rah rahs Russia aiding Damascus because Damascus is the legit gov of Syria, BUT, at the same time the alt media demonizes Erdogan for aiding the legit government of Libya- You called out Sleboda for his touting of the deep state line, but, he not the only one.

    There is plenty of his ilk around.

    More to think about

    "For those who value the independence of Arab peoples - including the people of Northern Africa - Khalifa Haftar is not a figure to revere. His LNA forces have aligned themselves with a number of regional enemies of the Palestinian people and also the people of the wider region, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Israel and France. Using the airpower of both Egypt and the UAE as an integral part to play in Haftar’s plot to control Libya."

    I think about that when I notice the double standards that are making the rounds..

    There is info at my blog about Haftar refusing to sign the peace accord- you and I are in a very small segment of providers of real alternative views..