Friday, May 8, 2020

Ahmaud Arbery Video: MSM Race-baiting Again

The 2020 Zimmerman redux. Only this time... there's video.

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  1. Whites are upset about the lockdown. They are more upset about this than any other group. More than anyone else they think their rights are being violated. Creating Black / White racial tension will distract public attention from the fact of White discontent over the lockdown. That's why we're getting this news story, I think -- to create a distraction.

  2. makes zero sense why they weren't immediately arrested. Even if they suspected him of being a robber. Stand your ground doesnt apply, they weren't on their property, and they came at him. Chased and pursued him, so how sould self defense or any excuse hold up?

    Something seriously wrong with this whole situation. I need to research more but I dont see why they weren't at the very least arrested and interrogated. Interviewed etc and held on some lesser charge of murder like involuntary manslaughter until it was thoroughly investigated.

    Like others have said. Race is without a doubt at play here. If it were two black men chasing down a white jogger. They would have already been.convictee to life in prison by now.

    The timing of this is very suspect too. It almost seems like they intentionally released this footage and are publicizing this story, and injustice right now when most people are already at their breaking points. Mental health issues are at all time
    r highs. People are afraid and anxious, frustrated and growing restless and looking for any reason to. Snap, lose it. And civil unrest and conflict break out amongst the people. The want thr 99% divided. Afraid of one another. Blaming each other. They perpetuate scapegoats. Us versus them narratives. Dichotomies. Use labels and stereotypes ridiculing certain groups or people, so that we remain divided and disconnected. Distracted and eventually start fighting amongst ourselves or acting out our frustrations on each other. They keep poking the bear in hopes of us all snapping and justifying them declaring martial law.

    Maybe not and I'm overthinking this but the timing is very suspect, and theres no coincidences in our media agendas and objectives or narratives.

    So many things wrong with this story. How it was handled and how these two men are out free that make no sense even if one was a former cop. So I just have to consider whether or not theres not more to this than it seems. Maybe not.

  3. Also odd, the editing of the video. How they happen to go off screen during the most crucial part of their "defense" claims

    Also cant help but notice the fact his name sounds exactly like armed robbery when spoken

    Seriously questioning the timing of the release of this footage and why it came out now, and not three months ago.when this happened

    Also wonder why his family hasn't been all over th news sharing his story and the injustice around it for the last 3 mon th s.

    I might sound crazy to some people but anyone paying close attention to the media narratives, the government officials, all the fear mongering propaganda we are constantly inundated with, along with too many anomalies, inconsistencies, fallacies, distortions of facts, bad statistics, misleading statistics, pseudo scientific evidence, and all the deception and manipulation tactics being perpetuated and disseminated by the media right now knows by now that there are some seriously corrupt and sinister agendas and objectives at play. Some bizarre happenings that have no.logical explanations other than there is a vested interest in dividing the masses, making us fearful and untrustworthy of one another. And too divided, disconnected, detached, and distracted to recognize our power in numbers,our force when United and our ability to fight back if we work together.

    But this cohesion will never be achieved so long as many people succumb to their divide and conquer manipulation tactics using social constructs like race, religion, sex, political ideologies, parties, and other dichotomies and emotionally triggering debate topics like abortion etc. They need the 99% to remain divided and afraid, angry, resentful, hostile and blaming each other so that we cant ever recognize our power together.

    Which is all the more reason why I'm slightly suspicious of the timing of this footage and story being released. Maybe I'm crazy and it really is just a bad coincidence but maybe, just maybe, there are ulterior motives and agendas at play. And there is more to this than meets the eye..