Thursday, June 25, 2020

Rona UPDATES and Real Mask Futility Studies

Rona UPDATES and Real Mask Futility Studies

CDC study

Rancourt study

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  1. I thought your analysis of the meaning of the masks we are being compelled to wear was very good. But I think we need to better identify the source of the problem, the agent that is acting. To call it Big Business does not get the job done, in my opinion. I think we need to start with a distinction between Loan Capital and Productive Capital. There is money that multiplies because it draws interest and money like a farmer's tractor that increases because it produces goods. Now it so happens that 95 percent of all capital is loan capital. Yes, the ratio is 20 to 1. So the question becomes: Who owns loan capital. And this gets to be a highly taboo subject, and I can say no more here.