Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Greetings from the Fringe


Well this is different.

I'm Scott Creighton, formerly of American Everyman, now cast out and wandering the wastelands of our new, censored digital landscape.

This will be my interim blog as I set up shop elsewhere in the vast stretches of "the interwebs"

I did this more than 11 years ago expecting nothing, dreaming big. And here I am again all these articles and comments and found friends later.

I wont be posting my archives here but I will be putting up some new writing and videos as I create them.

I don't know when I will get my next site up and running. Financing will take a little time. Until then, I hope a few of my previous readers find this location and stop by for a visit from time to time.

I miss you guys.


  1. I like this one, it's easy to comment! Thank you for carrying on!

  2. You are my first comment EVER... I'm so excited.

  3. Hey Scott/willy
    I've been keeping an eye on what was going on with you- glad to see you're back- I'll change my side bar to this new address :)

  4. Hi Scott/willy

    Glad to see you're back up. I've added this URL to my favourites blogroll. Onwards and upwards I say...don't let the B@#$%! get you down!


    aka greencrow

    1. good to see you as well. getting the old gang back together. warms my heart. now all we need is Kenny.

  5. It's nice to see you writing again Scott, albeit in temporary form (before you have a proper webpage set up).

  6. Copy/paste from comments at wall of controversy:

    "Let’s cut the bs.

    Scott had been warned repeatedly over the last couple years he’d gotten himself entangled with a sprawling alt-right fraud. His response? To dismiss any evidence and parrot the delusion “paid agents” and “shills” were out to get him. This in spite of ample evidence the “truther” movement he was conned into believing is deader than a doornail, mostly because they just can’t scam enough people to get “into the streets” now Bush is gone and the Iraq war is over. Yet, Scott, ignoring the adverse effects this had on his health, clung to the dying delusion, going so far as unwisely parroting Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracies and Pizza Gate lunacy….while Alex Jones et al, were targeting survivors with Internet mobs for harassment.

    Make no mistake, Scott is no where near as vile as Jones or the other alt-right actors. However, he displayed gross errors in judgment allowing himself to get swept along in this fake news moral panic, and even worse judgment not taking the pending legal action of the families as a wake up call to re think his life choices. Now it’s cost him his website and youtube account. Instead of whining about “freeze peach”, Scott should take several steps back and review how he got into this mess. Almost certainly it can be traced to “trusted” persons who egged him on, themselves curiously absent from the current scene.

    The good news is, these days the FBI is very open to evidence of fraud, if he can clearly show he’s been taken advantage of. Going to law enforcement might be the only thing that will save his assets."