Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Very Surprising Gubernatorial Primaries in Florida

Yesterday's gubernatorial primary elections down here in Florida yielded some rather unexpected results. Is it possible that someone figured out the way to get Trump supporters on board the "Russia did it" bandwagon is to have a "Soros-backed" leftist who is currently under investigation for corruption beat their Trump-loving candidate? That kind of crisis seems like a perfect set-up to help bring about the passage of the Secure Elections Act.

Andrew Gillum wins Florida governor primary in upset victory for the left

Two Upstarts Triumph in Florida, Setting Up Stark Contrast in Governor’s Race

election results

What we know — and don’t know — about the FBI investigation hanging over Andrew Gillum’s campaign

Report: Andrew Gillum scheduled meeting with undercover FBI agents during Costa Rica trip with lobbyists


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  1. Sounds very much like you're on Silicon Valley's Blacklist. This is life in the Orwell era, folks. There's never going to be accompanying dark, ominous background music. This is it.

    To circumvent future Patreon blocks, could you create a new email address and set up a dummy puppy-dogs-and-ice-cream website and link it to Patreon? And then ask your supporters to send contribution to that Patreon account? Or does Patreon have your bank account or something that somehow links you to the previous blocked/blacklisted account?

    1. Anonymous, content creators on Patreon have to give their bank info for monthly payouts. I did know another creator whose PayPal account had been shut down, like Scott's. He used his girlfriend's account for payments from donors. That's the only way to get around it if you're trying to hide your identity.

  2. Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf, evidently.