Monday, October 14, 2019

ABC News BUSTED Using 2017 Knob Creek Footage to Promote War Against NATO Ally Turkey

They are so desperate to build a consensus of public opinion to launch a war against a NATO ally, they will try and use anything they can to that end. That is how important the Greater Kurdistan project is to them. Here we see ABC News, owned by Disney, taking a video from a 2017 demonstration, and just flat out lying about it being from eastern Syria. Not only that but they edit the damn thing so you can't see the audience watching the demonstration. This is now Iraq War build-up 2002-2003 where the media companies themselves just manufacture the lies on their own.

ABC has since set their YT video clip to private. But only because they were caught fabricating evidence to send us to war... again.

original catch

original footage

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  1. The lying is over the top Scott-
    I linked over to your place- you're the only rational blogger in a sea of irrational disinfo and lies

    US troops are still in place and it's darn clear there is no deal!

    There are so many spin doctors on line claiming there is a deal- these people should no better for so many reasons and still they are lying- I understand your frustration and why you swear
    Sometimes I fell like swearing too. :)
    But, try not to

  2. I know what you mean. This bullshit is everywhere and it seems it's even more prevalent in the "alt-left" media. Has everyone forgotten that Syria was going to move into Manbij to kick the PKK/YPG/SDF out of there until the US announced they were keeping forces there (to act as human shields)? Yeah, now Turkey is moving in, the US is regrouping but not leaving altogether and the SAA is retaking cities like Manbij because of it.