Monday, October 7, 2019

Greater Kurdistan Project: Is It Turkey's Turn on the Chopping Block?

As Trump promises to pull out, we wait for the event that pulls him further in. That's the pattern. Now lets wait and see.

Bought Journalists

Syrian government knows what Greater Kurdistan project is

my Greater Kurdistan coverage

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  1. Copy-pasted from Penny's blog:
    Another guy who is definitely a limited hangout is Andre Vltchek. Just look at one little paragraph from his NEO column ( also lhs, the most obvious being Tony Cartalucci):
    "After cutting the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi into pieces, precisely one year ago, the KSA suddenly drew strong criticism from all corners of the world."
    I don't think he's stupid enough to swallow the "martyrdom" of a Jeff Bezos (via Washington Post)/CIA asset. He also continues to pin AKP as the main culprits for the Wahabi assault on Syria, and he rambled against perennial regime change tarhet Omar Bashir despite admitting Washington and Tel Aviv want his head, plus running the capital Khartoum decently and sending humanitarian aid to Palestine.
    Then again, he might be peppering his travelogues and exposes with disinfo in exchange for his think tank salary (Oakland Institute) and jet-setting around the world (how many journalists can afford Qatar Airways or Rotana hotels?).

  2. Creighton, I was pleased to see you compare false portraits of the Kurds being put out by the mainstream media with what you called the "hoax" of Climate Change. I personally see Climate Change as a product of the art of psychagogy, which is the art of instilling belief in other minds without their conscious consent.