Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tulsi's Truth Conniption: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Friends don't let friends tweet drunk.

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  1. Really disappointed with your constant Tulsi bashing Scott. No, she's not perfect but no political candidate is. She is the only candidate to forcefully come out against the regime change wars and wasteful military spending - things you generally also oppose. She has shown a lot of integrity, especially by stepping down as DNC chair to call out their corruption and back Sanders. She's the only candidate with enough courage to call out Hillary like she did. As a contrast, Sanders basically rolled over and let Hillary walk all over him in 2016. If he had half of Tulsi's guts, he would have been president today.

    I get that you are super cynical and that everyone who appears to oppose the establishment (Greenwald, Dore, Tulsi, etc) is really some sort of fraud but that really gets old after a while. I don't expect you to agree with everything they say (just like I don't agree with everything you post) but you can at least have honest disagreements with them without implying they all have some sort of alternate agenda to undermine real leftists (like you and me).

    I think some things that Tulsi says (such as "vote Blue") are things she feels she needs to say in order to not be completely ostracized. She has a hard enough time as it is - if she came out and said she would not support the Democratic nominee, she would be attacked even more than she is now. Let's see how the primaries/election process plays out and how she reacts once the Democrats decide on a nominee.

    Finally, you often quote that she has "less that 3% support in the polls". Since when do you put any credence in polls that are easily manipulated? She's actually polling higher than that in key early-primary states, but even then we both know that polls are not accurate representations of people's opinions and can be easily manipulated.

    I have followed and supported for you for years. I really enjoyed reading your posts (less so the videos for a variety of reasons). I'm not going to stop following you due to your Tulsi bashing but I really hope you can tone it down. I have no delusions that she is some sort of perfect savior but she is by far the best Democratic candidate we've had for a long time. Your constant faulting her because she doesn't meet your purity test is tiresome at best.

  2. And how can anyone deny the truth of what she said. But I do worry she is the new “Obama”.