Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Iowa Caucus Results are Still Being Withheld

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  1. Buttigieg declared himself the winner of the Iowa caucus and I've a strong suspicion that's going to stick. He will be the democratic leader because all the dems have is identity politics anymore- he's homosexual so he's perfect to play the identity politics/ divide and conquer toxic political game.


    Washington Post: “Buttigieg’s plane landed in Concord shortly before 4 a.m. Tuesday. By 7 a.m., his campaign had not only announced a fresh Granite State endorsement (Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess), but it had also issued a memo to reporters detailing its precinct-level data from Monday night in Iowa.”

    “According to that data, Buttigieg accumulated 25 percent support overall on second alignment, numbers the campaign believes mean Buttigieg won the night.”

    Buttigieg himself felt confident enough in those projections to declare victory in his speech to supporters at Drake University late Monday.

    “Tonight, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality,” Buttigieg said. “We don’t know all the results, but we know by the time it’s all said and done, Iowa, you’ve shocked the nation. By all indications, we are going to New Hampshire victorious.”

    At the time, no results had been released, but a night that his campaign began with stoic confidence went better than it said it had hoped.

    The Dems use of identity politics as it's politics has been obvious for some time now