Monday, February 3, 2020

Sifting Thru the nCoV LARPers and Hype

Looking at the hype surrounding nCoV and the potential it was weaponized for use against China.

Whitney Webb article

Fortune article

Forbes article

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  1. Definitely don't have any faith in Big Pharma and their UN spooks and pandering Billionaires like Bill Gates. Tomas Foral, then 23 UConn graduate student was in possession of a copious amounts of Military Grade Anthrax during the Anthrax Hoax, 2001. US Attorney John A. Danaher III gave Foral no report probation, $100 fine, and erasure of charges upon serving for being in possession of a terror weapon of mass destruction at the same time that I peppersprayed a mugger who attacked me with a knife in my dark driveway in Connecticut, and I got a year in prison and had to pay restitution to the mugger for "overreacting" to being mugged using pepper spray as self-defense is illegal in Connecticut. Foral and Danaher were both West Hartford Connecticut residents in 2001. Kathleen Dickson testified to the FDA and cost Big Pharm billions when their dangerous, and ineffective Lyme vaccine, Lyrix was prevented from being mandatory for all US citizens to take. An Anthrax Vaccine almost became mandatory to take. I was forced to take an Anthrax vaccine to work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the military vaccines that I received me made me sick of the first time in my life for 3 weeks with fevers, chills, Migraine headaches, and if I got cut, my blood wouldn't clot and I would continue bleeding. These psychopaths need to be stopped. Because of Operation Paperclip 1946 Germ Warfare scientists from Nazi Germany and Japan weren't prosecuted for war crimes and worked at Plum Island a Bio Research Lab, which prevailing winds go to Lyme Connecticut. Did these scientists take an African disease that was in soft body ticks, weaponize it, put in in dear ticks, and allow this scourge to escape the lab. I have chronic Lyme Disease and have been in unbelieable pain, I hate all the UN Globalist Corporate Whore Bankster Billionaire cabal of bleepholes.