Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My Thoughts on A Letter on Justice and Open Debate

Where were you guys 3 years ago? Where have you been since 9/11?
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  1. My research tells me that the severe oppression of opposing opinions that existed in the Hitler government was a response to the severe oppression of opposing opinions that the Bolsheviks had previously engaged in. The idea was that this was how the game had come to be played. The objective was to achieve power then do the same as they, the Communists, had done to our folks. This was what Scheubner-Richter had repeated over and over to Hitler. (Sheubner-Richter died at Hitler's side in the March to Berlin. He was an anti-Communist Baltic German who was perhaps Hitler's closest advisor in 1923.)

  2. I discovered Scott Creighton's American Everyman website when I was researching the Las Vegas shooting. This site provided by far the best info about the Vegas shooting, and I became a regular visitor because I was so favorably impressed. When the site was taken down I could hardly believe it. My guess was that criticism of Israel had caused the takedown.

    Today we are seeing widespread elimination of material from the Internet. Somebody powerful doesn't believe in the free speech principle, obviously. Who could that be? I believe I know the answer, but I don't think Scott Creighton would like me to say the name, so I won't.