Tuesday, August 4, 2020

CIA Whistleblower Philip Agee 1997 in Havana: US Terrorism Of Cuba

"The late Philip Agee in 1997 testifying in Havana of US terrorism against Cuba at the 14th World Festival for Youth and Students. After formal testimony, he responds to questions at a workshop with youth and student conference participants. Agee, an ex-CIA case officer whistle-blower, author of Inside the Company, A CIA Diary, and On the Run, was stationed in Ecuador, Uruguay and Mexico. He was born July 19, 1935 and died living in exile in Cuba January 7, 2008 of perforated ulcers. He operated a tourist website CubaLinda.com helping Americans get around unconstitutional limitations upon freedom of travel. After the US revoked his passport in 1979, Agee first lived in Grenada in 1980 until Bishop was overthrown by the US, then in Nicaragua until 1990 when the Sandanistas were overthrown by the US, then Germany and Cuba. Wikipedia provides more detail."

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