Sunday, August 2, 2020

State of Disaster has been declared in Victoria: Brutal Lock-down of Melbourne Begins Tonight

This is amazing. I wonder how long before Victoria's premier announces his new IMF loan.

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  1. Scott, first thank you for great reporting on this and the topics. IMHO, part of the reason why the “pandemic” is being promoted so heavily in Australia, and why Australian economy has to be completely destroyed , and it will be as this scam continues, maybe her relationship with China more so than a possible IMF loan.

    “Australia is the world’s most China-dependent developed economy, with nearly 33 per cent of its exports shipped to the country. Exports of agricultural goods, as well as the sale of international education and tourism to China, are big revenue earners, while about half of its merchandise exports to China is iron ore.”

    "“I don’t think we would be restricting trade [and if we do] the Brazilians will be more than happy to fill in the shortfall in iron ore from Australia and so it is not in Australia’s interests to do anything like that.”

    Source of the quotes above:

  2. that is a very good point. I had forgotten how close they are to China.

  3. Just wait until the number of deaths from suicides, depression, and anxiety, from this madness is reported... But granted, these criminals will suppress these numbers!