Friday, September 11, 2020

19th Anniversary of 9/11


Just taking notice and a link to my previous writings.


my 9/11 writing

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  1. Like you, I think Flight 93 was meant to strike Building 7. I think it was shot down en route. A time delay between the aircraft hits of Buildings 1 & 2 was made, in my opinion, to provide for media people to show up at the scene and for the public to become aware off what was going on and turn on their televisions.

  2. The time delay between the airplane strikes in Buildings 1 & 2 and the planned airplane strike of Building 7 was what I was referring to above. When the airplane intended to strike Building 7 didn't show up, it was necessary to re-wire the explosives in the building, and this took several hours. Building 7 was laced with thermite, according to Bollyn, and according to arial thermal imaging of the super hot fire later made of Building 7's rubble. Presumably Building 7 was intended to be a spectacular top down demolition like the Twin Towers, only, unlike the Twin Tower demolitions, this would be a live TV event watched by enormous multitudes.

  3. Let me make another correction. My recollevtion is that the spectacular collapses of the Twin Towers were seen live on television. Maybe not. I think so but maybe not. Yet the airplanes were definitely not seen live on TV striking the buildings. This is what was meant to be different in the case of Building 7. An airplane was meant to be seen live on the air with tens of millions of viewers as it flew into the building and exploded in flames. Had Flight 93 not been shot down by one of our military jets it have crashed into Building 7, and tens of millions would have seen this live on TV.