Friday, September 4, 2020

Michael Reinoehl Killed by Feds in Hail of Bullets: Why Wasn't He in Jail? Why Did They Give Him Back his Gun?


Lotta questions surrounding this event.


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  1. I think you have it wrong. I watched him make a statement. He said he killed the guy because he sensed that his life was in danger. Yet the guy he shot dead was unarmed. The Patriot Prayer group would engage in fistfights with Antifa and BLM people, but they wouldn't employ weapons, I have read. I think what happened was First Degree Murder all the way. He killed because he derived pleasure from killing this person, I believe. Absolute murder in the first degree, in my opinion. Also, I have read that according to two witnesses he fired 40 rounds at the police before they returned fire and killed him. It seems to me that you are going out of your way to defend Antifa and BLM.