Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Guest on CNN Wants Biden to Mandate Lockdowns in Order to Push Vaccines


See if I get shut down again by YT censors due to what the guest on CNN said.


CNN video https://twitter.com/willyloman1/status/1371850368016130051

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  1. SAME ONE that just got pulled in umpteen countries for causing "rare unusual blood clots"!
    But not to worry, it's LONG-ACTING.
    MARCH 16
    AstraZeneca (AZN.LN) said on Tuesday that it will supply the U.S. government with an additional 500,000 doses of its experimental, long-acting antibody-based COVID-19 combination treatment that aims to protect those who are not able to be vaccinated.

  2. Great Jeopardy question:
    A. Name one kind of ***hole that is especially obnoxious, toxic & boorish.
    Q. What is a vaxhole, Alex.

    A person who intentionally gloats or brags about their vaccination status in order to signal to others their moral superiority. Individuals who display this characteristic have a propensity to also display narcissism.