Monday, March 1, 2021

Has Covid-19 Killed the Nuremberg Code?


YouTube censors: I quote New England Journal of Medicine and US Holocaust Memorial Museum in this video. If you wish to censor them, be my guest.


Nuremberg Code

Nazi Medical Experiments

Texas vaccinations

fauci dictate

The Nation

The Guardian

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  1. Answers your question how right there. lead story now.

    Wild is i had just read thru some side-bare url's here, various stories & posts under them, & there was a comment from someone this exact event blacked out happened recently here, i was going to mention it as top candidate story to look into!

  2. It's cathartic to have a righteously indignant rant, but sometimes even more so to have someone else do it for you. So thanks again for that Scott! I'd like to reccomend throwing even more tidbits of relevant history into these rants though. It's worth repeating over and over and over again that the drug cartel I.G. Farben were the Nazi's biggest financiers, ran Auschwitz as a slave camp and trialed drugs on humans there. I.G. were tied to American I.G., who were tied to the Rockefeller's (who also funded Nazi eugenics research, as even The Guardian admits) Standard Oil. They also included Bayer, who are now partnered with BILL Gates, who's partnered with the Rockeffelers (ID2020 and more), whose "Scenarios" simulation study conceived of "lockstep", which lockdown is identical to...