Tuesday, May 25, 2021

If Youtube Monitizes my Channel I will Delete It



  1. Something similar going on with MONEY GPS dude, i think.

    Right in his videos recently, at the end after his daily update financial & economic news, he's added ban addendum message saying he is moving to another model to get paid for all his work (i assume it's his sole full-time job) because he "doesn't feel right" & it looks contradictory to his message that he gets paid for ads from the likes of GS, Monsatanto, etc! He feels dirty.

    so he's asking subs to join his linked list in case youknowwhotube pulls his channel with zero notice or even zero strikes against it (as several others happened to found out about recently).

    He's been LOSING subs over this "lull" nearly 1 year now because most sheep about 75-95% i'd say actually believe that he's FOS in putting out the real, stark raving news that he does, & they think the entire world ship will right itself & carry on as before pre-2020!

  2. UGH!
    Check out this screenshot in vid of situation here, where R.E. hyper-bubble might be even worse than yours. 95% of net worth is in R.E. here, due to the outrageous overvaluation of housing! IN A TIME WHEN MILLIONS ARE NOT PAYING MORTGAGES OR RENT! (Figure for that in USA is currently 19 million).


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    •May 25, 2021