Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Rona and Other Unspeakables: News on the Edge


Lots going on.



Italian video

teens vaccines



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  1. Rather good but unsettling nooz 2 items just in right under your topic.
    first, not linkable came in e-mail i can see why. he's been getting harrassed endlessly by the pharma swine:
    Did you catch the huge news yesterday from Bill and Melinda Gates?

    One of the world's wealthiest couples announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage.

    What does that have to do with C0VID you ask?

    First of all… 27 year marriages don’t just disintegrate overnight.


    The timing is suspect. Well timed to come after the big “vaccine push”.

    The “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” is one of the largest private organizations in the world funding and promoting v@ccine development, spending billions.

    Their fingerprints are all over the development of the C0VID v@ccine.

    They were initial investors in CureVac. When conversations about developing a shot for C0VID started, share prices exploded 250%. Resulting in upwards of $100 million in returns on their investment.

    They also urged Oxford University to reverse course on their commitment to make the rights to their C0VID v@ccine available to any drugmaker. Oxford’s initial vision was to pave the way for low cost, or free C0VID v@ccine doses to the public.

    But… After the Gates’ involvement, Oxford University sold the rights to AstraZeneca. One of two companies that would ultimately have their product temporarily removed from distribution over safety concerns.

    Unsurprisingly, it shortly returned after it was deemed more important than the injuries it caused.

    It’s becoming more clear every day why Bill Gates, long time supporter of protecting intellectual property rights for v@ccinesis taking such a strong stance -- it’s nothing more than protecting his large financial investments in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Bottom line: 27 year marriages don’t divorce overnight, especially one with over $120 billion in assets.

    This has been in the works for sometime, and kept quiet, until now.

    No way was TMZ going to get the scoop and leak the news early.

    It makes you wonder…

    Were they just waiting until the v@ccine train couldn’t be stopped?

    Could it also have something to do with the fact that the Gates’ are now the largest private farmland owners in the US?

    Given their large financial ties to Monsanto and commitment to GMO’s, it just makes one speculate at what all is going on...

    To your health,

    Jeff Hays
    Point seems to be, now that the evil deed is done, they're moving on to their next plan. But i'm sure it'll still be Billinda scheming everything, this 'news' is just smoke cover.

    just like nothing was done about the disaster he caused a decade ago in india with that killer 'polio' shot.

    (NaturalHealth365) Along with United States public health officials, the mainstream media have been quick to laud Israel for its “successful” rollout of the COVID injection program. According to Health Affairs, half of the country’s population was fully jabbed as of March 15, and at least 60 percent of 9 million Israeli citizens had received at least one dose.

    But Israel’s decision to effectively force all citizens to receive the experimental COVID shots has been called into serious question by human rights activists, and a recent petition filed against the government alleges that the country’s Prime Minister and Minister of Health — in cahoots with Big Pharma powerhouse Pfizer — are brazenly violating the infamous Nuremberg code.

  3. Join the Carbon Corp(se)!

    AOC’s plan for a 1.5 million-strong Civilian Climate Corps, explained
    A new bill would bring back FDR's famous New Deal program — with a few big changes.
    BTW, no deep thot even necessary why Mr. 666 is buying up already a gazillion acres of US farmland.
    He knows GDF well we are entering a more than minor cooling, perhaps even a mini-ice age.FOOD thus arable farmland SOUTH (in northern hemisphere) of present farm belt will be in demand as the frostline moves south bigtime.
    2030's is timeframe given, now a mere 10-15years away.

    Extremely well documented by this Russian academy guy Habibullo Abdussamatov almost 20 years ago, runs this site now:

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    DID T.O.'s mega overheated housing market just vapor lock?
    Houses that would normally have 5 to 15 offers aren't getting any: John Pasalis
    •May 5, 2021
    ominous comment he says early into vid normally this time (Apr-june) demand picks up from winter deadtime.
    also admits it's from "dried up pool of eligible (gullible?) buyers"!