Monday, June 21, 2021

Sunstein Agents Walk Among Us Still


 Sunstein Agents Walk Among Us Still


Whitney article

RPI article

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  1. Every body & his dog** is pickin' on po' ol' slo' jo'.

    **I'm pretty sure we'll hear soon from the guy who has that million$ site domain name, dogwithablog, who i heard about way back just after the inet came on.

    ‘Well, That Was a Weird Moment’ and Other Signs of Dementia Family Members Should Watch For

    And we eagerly await a real doctor's analysis & prognosis, namely this guy:

  2. interesting timing of this & weird coincidence is i have been slogging thru all kinds of Bait Corn videos many months now trying to figure out how deep down the rabbit hole this mesmerizing ponzi scheme paradoxically goes.

    I guess this news at the timestamp was big when it hit early june, or maybe not because i never heard nor saw it!

    He musta been awake nights, but asleep in the mandatory corporation woke classes.

    What I'd Give It All Up For... (as a millionaire)

    Jun 11, 2021

  3. 19 min., but you really should listen to all this here. Don't need to watch, he uses no graphs or charts just walks around some OC classic district with Gopro.

    Right at start, he verifies that eerie story about peeps in the heat now can't escape it in their A/C homes, because the smart meters keep the temp. inside near 80!

    Coming to all CA! Absolutely it's power rationing.

    See comments someone says same now in EL PASO, TX which likely it's even hotter there (not oceanside).

    rest of it is details on latest Bait Corn goings on, proposed sleazebag governator desperately buying votes ahead of the recall election by offering back-rent FORGIVENESS, but only to the lower class!!

    Michael Burry is Shorting Cryptos and Meme Stocks - Is it over?
    Jun 22, 2021

  4. Today's deep thought.
    Joe Biden’s going to be ‘under a lot of pressure’ to undergo cognitive test
    Jun 18, 2021

    There's a really simple low budget way to test this supposed degradation without involving expensive outside consultants:
    get a stopwatch & see how long he can sing along to the Me Me song before he forgets the words & starts mumbling:
    Just dance 2019 (Me Me Me Me) Megastar

  5. Check out this astounding number!
    Remember this is country of about 63MM, with claimed 46% vax not 100%, & most "minor" adverse reactions not reported.

    Between January 4, 2021, and May 26, 2021, a total of 1,253 deaths and 888,196 adverse drug reactions (256,224 individual reports) were reported to the UK’s monitoring system. These complications relate to at least six specific categories, including bleeding and clotting, immune dysfunction, pain, neurological effects, sensory deficits, and adverse outcomes in pregnancy.

  6. More detailed look at WHY they're intentionally 'fine tuning' the sheep's smart meters to keep their domiciles' temp around 80F!
    Just wait till Lake Meade gets downgraded to 'backyard swimming hole'.
    They could just re-open Diablo Canyon, the multi-billion $ boondoggle out on the SD coast, shut down permanently a few years ago because THEY BUILT IN ON AN EQ FAULT LINE!

    Power Grids “Straining” As Massive Heatwave Strikes The West

    Mac Slavo

    Here's just one of the fairy tale lies they've floated---ya really think they just magically in maybe months somehow did this, easily a tens of billions range cost that even with meticulous planning and no supply restriction delays would take a decade, which involves ALL the power infrastructure, not just the power stations but all the hundreds of thousands of miles of power lines, & all the power substations with their many each gigantic hot-running down-converting HV transformers,...

    Despite the emergency declaration on Thursday, California ISO CEO Elliot Mainzer said the western power grid has since been upgraded to withstand the changing conditions, according to a report by AP News.

  7. Just like Satan Klaus promised!:
    THIS Mega Corporation Spent Billions To Become Your Landlord! Prices Are Skyrocketing
    16 minutes
    Jun 23, 2021

    NOTE at start he shows he's one of the few even mentioning this at all (not even one of the other channels, dozens it's blacked out there!) the FED latest daily repo's &reverse REPOs.
    NEAR $800B this latest, note that is hundreds of Billions!