Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TYT CW Propaganda Leading Up To ANOTHER Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham FF


I wondered why Cenk, Anna and Aaron were pushing this old story about chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Turns out, they are paving the way for ANOTHER one.

TYT video

Press TV

My article

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  2. I see even this guy has figured out what the public sees.
    Doppelgangers aren't just 4 germans, ya know!

    That’s not what Wednesday talks in Geneva are all about between Russia’s preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin and a US imposter who impersonates cognitively impaired Joe Biden in public.

    The Kremlin should have rejected talks certain to achieve nothing positive.

    Ivan Meets GI Joe (with lyrics)THE CLASH ca 1980:

    On June 4, Children’s Health Defense reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would hold a meeting on June 10 to discuss “the possible licensure” of the experimental COVID injection from Pfizer for use in children. This hasty push toward injecting as many people as possible comes despite concerning issues.

    COVID-19 among children (age 0 to 19) is less common than COVID-19 reported among adults.

  4. Dr. Michael Burry is back, after going silent, deleting his twitter account about 2 months ago after harassment by the SE C No Evil gang.
    He got his doctorate AFTER the 2007-09 cave-in, making billions for himself & his clients (mostly housing i think) by going against the grain of the howling bankster baboons & lying clowns blowing smoke, sunshine, bullshit, anything up to including a rectal insufflator kit & maybe even the kitchen sink up the peeps' arses telling them how F. Marvy** everything was!

    The Big Short Michael Burry Back on Twitter With THIS Message!
    •Jun 15, 2021

    **Who's F. Marvy? Why, it's Kapitain F. Marvy, poster boy for this age. Any resemblance is purely a coincidence: