Friday, July 23, 2021

As WEF Scrubs Great Reset from Front Page, the Push Toward the NWO Continues


Did I forget to mention the US State Department funds Tony Blair's globalist institution?


Tony Blair video

his institute

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  1. Can't be long now till an unprecedented w/w implosion never seen, certainly far bigger than the mere mid-1720 double disaster of the brit south seas bubble imploding (fortunately they were on a specie standard put in end of 1718, so only suffered a 70-year mega-depression, cluminating in losing their 'colony'!), along with in france offset mere months tracking behind, a currency hyperinflation (they were on john law's fiat system)& equivalent concurrent Mississippi scheme stock collapse.

    Shocking, just shocking!
    But don't worry SF has a plan to beautify the place make it all better with $20000 designer trash cans---REALLY!
    So looks like the new age SF treat is this trash can?
    'The Five' reacts to rise in shoplifting, theft plaguing Democrat-led cities
    Jul 21, 2021

  2. Must be a strong sea breeze blowing--the bad smell has of Jibberish Joe's evening town hall meeting has carried clear across the pacific & even Oz is reporting on it:

    Panahi: Biden’s Town Hall was 'incoherent gibberish even by his low standards’

    Jul 23, 2021

    Just u wait till JAN6, the next magic date they've dangled in front of the desperado shitizens for false hope & accountability/redress. That commission will root out all the evildoers!

  3. State of Victoria OZ now FIFTH lockdown.

    Australia’s lockdowns a ‘laughing stock’ around the world
    Jul 23, 2021


    quote of the day:
    We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.” [New SWales Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Bio-Hazard]

    Ferguson (Ewe-K) has now admitted that they got the decimal point in the wrong place on the modelling, by a factor of 10!! And this occurred everywhere, you have to ask has he got an agenda? Sure seems like it!
    And Ferguson's modelling led the UK gov't to destroy millions of healthy animals over Foot and Mouth. He is a danger to every other living thing.

  5. I've really enjoyed some of the "misinformation" and "anti vaxx" posts that Twitter emails me as promoted content. I'm pretty sure it's just a bug in the algorithm that they are promoting that stuff as a way to keep people active on the platform, but don't bother to vet it first.

  6. Another nwo pimp.

    Alabama’s Republican governor made a plea for residents to get COVID-19 vaccines and blamed unvaccinated individuals for the rise in cases.

  7. Seen that name before. He starred in this 1996 movie.
    Quite the philanthropist.

    saTan Klaus
    On the night before Christmas, a serial killer dressed in a Santa Claus suit stalks the streets of New York looking for blood. It seems this madman is building the perfect Christmas tree and adorning it with parts of his victims. I

  8. Half way through and you haven't lit up a cigarette. Thank you. I was getting ready to go outside

  9. The revelation of the real criminals by *ucker is so SHOCKING we really should get verification from another fearless truth teller, namely Psycho-mikey, who will certainly attest to it!

    BUT how can this be correct when the prez's very name is Joe Baidu? LOL.

    *ucker: Foreign and domestic enemies are targeting the president
    Jul 23, 2021

    BONUS 2:1 you get Larry 'The Brain' Could B. Moe's latest:
    Larry Kudlow reveals how spending caps work
    Jul 23, 2021

  10. MSM blaring tripe & BS non-stop all channels.

  11. Remember! The e-condom-y is not just marvy, it's soaring so high it's Captain F. Marvy:
    Continuing payments made through all unemployment benefit programs fell by 1.3 million in the week ended July 3, to 12.6 million, the Labor Department said ...
    Weekly jobless claims totaled 419,000 for the week ended July 17, above the 350,000 estimate. The total represented a gain from the previous week's 368,000.

    And 44MM+ owe in sum $1,6 TRILLION in student debt!

    We're through the looking glass here on the Virgin Galactic express! Short stop enroute on Fantasy Island, then ballistic to either the Magic Kingdom or Land of OZ (depending on who wins the coin toss on the flight deck).

  12. Optimists--2032 Owe-lympics awarded to OZ!

    Ben & Jerry’s slammed by supermarket over ‘racist policy’ to end sales in Israel
    Jul 21, 2021

    And here's today's real cuppa Joe:
    Joe Biden 'has to be taken out of circulation' after 'rambling about men on the moon'

    46? I had no idea his IQ was that high:
    Jul 22, 2021

  13. Brit expats returning to UK first since 1992 are SHOCKED at what they saw!
    What Shocked Us UK - British Expats Visiting The UK
    Jul 24, 2021