Monday, July 26, 2021

Two Minutes Hate: We Have Entered the Goldstein Phase


The psyop against all of us is rolling along. We are quickly becoming the 'worst human beings in the world'... 'filthy, disgusting... egotistical'... we are becoming less than human.

And we all know what happens to people once they are categorized in such ways don't we?





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  1. The rampaging out-of-control parasites are in the final stage of overrunning & consuming the very host that keeps them alive, all the time blaming them for the problems while they sit on their parasitic asses preaching, judging & pontificating.

    Here's a very recent example of BMW the automaker, & the absolute horseshit 'ruling' against them by the EU. It's in the first 2 minutes,so no need to see whole video.
    BMW Just Got Fined Billions of Dollars and May Be Going Bust
    Jul 22, 2021

  2. You're 30 years off (behind) in identifying the huge multi-century turn! Happened at latest turning early 1990's, perhaps a few years before.

    By then the major name pharmas had relocated their USA ops & factories to...PUERTO RICO, a low tax 'commomnwealth' cuz you know they were always looking for more profits!

    Then NAFTA just few years later, 1993, and even before that the domestic big3 had already relocated some plants there.

    All parts suppliers/machining tools etc. used in them also went there, such that NO US mainland fridge/freezer compressors made since mid-1990's.

    Even here, with endless NG available to supposedly fire up those multi-zillion $ 'peaking plants' needed to come online near instantly when wind drops off as it does dozens of times/day, Siemens moved all its production of the compressors, switch-gear, etc from here to MEX nearly a decade ago!
    So gotta go outofcountry for parts.

    Great plan, Tonto! Even greater scam.

    From your sidebar, article July 26, relates to another story here (Canada, New Westminster/Vancouver),where looks like another church a few days ago got away lucky THIS TIME, not arson but big red message painted on front doors.
    Hmmmm....Passover, Mark of the Beast, what?

    So again, this is a NEARER-THE-END culminating event we're seeing here, as this initially broke out first in Belgium late 1980's but was subsumed by all the controllers there up to & including heads of police, politicians & royalty, but also stateside when that famous FRONT PAGE headline broke in the major daily (remember that?) but again major damage control (Bushfuhrer I was in office then) tamped it down.

    So that's just 2 examples of when the giant turn started.
    Add to that now we see an unprecedented implosion of the Hollyweirdos who right up to the last second were at the very forefront of this hysterical ranting clearly meant as misdirection. So busy with their agenda & so smug they didn't even see it coming.

  3. Great recruitment vid they could use as an ad to join Mr. T.'s Space Farce: It's way safer, comrade!
    Happened summer 1987 in Med

    How a Navy Tomcat Shot Down an Air Force Phantom During a Training Exercise
    Jul 25, 2021

  4. Thought Microsoft Were Less Shady Than Apple, Facebook & Google?? WATCH THIS!!!
    Jul 26, 2021
    saTan Klaus interviews Micro$hit CEO, (son of Mr. 666)

  5. Pity the filthy rich in the Hamptons, for they are suffering too!
    Good for Louis, he's extremely smart & eloquent too. up to 1.6MM subs! Has all those NY burb sidewalk empty cleaned out storefront go pro vids up, most well over 30 minutes each.

    People aren't returning to demeaning jobs; Hamptons labor shortage proves my point.
    Jul 25, 2021

  6. Wokeist parable of the day:
    Straight from Ben "I'm mad as hell & not gonna live in Cal-cutta-fornia no mo'" himself!

    US Women’s Soccer Team Loses BADLY After Kneeling For BLM At Olympic Opener
    Jul 23, 2021

  7. Something here about the big joke/lie/mirage/toxic fairy tale being peddled of EV's as a going concern.

    Basic & I mean basic math tells you that nowadays with the present decrepit power grid, you cannot possibly have a very few (low single digit) % of owners have an electric or hybrid electric.

    Just look how desperate they are to reduce grid amperage load here now. Such BS it's obviously cover for a bigger plan.

    He says in CA specifically the new 'wacko friendly' laws went in JULY 1 under major legislation.

    Why not a law outlawing houses or any domicile above XX thousand square feet, if one lives in extreme climate not moderated by ocean, like the US midwest KS for example where it gets near as hot as the south in summer (so A/C consumption huge then), yet still gets howling cold high winds in winter (where you better have NG in city, or wood if in the country, because electric heat cost will be to the moon)?

    Just a few dozen of those monsters, 4 levels many tens of thousands square feet each, acres of glass, etc...just picture the size of the A/C unit outside needed and the service amperage to cool that, with maybe all of 3 or 4 peeps inside.
    5 States Ban Gaming Pc's. Worst Home Buying Conditions Ever. Silver Report Uncut. ca co hi or VT WA
    Jul 27, 2021

  8. Out of warranty, charges only to a 50 mile range, new pack is $17K!
    Model is $90K new, he bought it used at $30K thot a great deal, esp. when Neon Elon claimed these babies were so wanted & good they'd never depreciate!

    And not even a mention about battery self-combustion LOL.

    I got stuck with a FAILING Tesla Model S Performance (shows how WASTEFUL electric cars can be)
    Jul 16, 2021

  9. 2 months old, but very important note this.
    i missed this, even though i caught thousands of other things in the first few months of 2020
    I am well aware all the quotes from the late Kerry Mullis & how he detested the fraudulent intentional mis-use of his PCR test to try to claim it detects covid.

    You may have come across a viral news item of Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier in which it is purported that the scientist claimed that whosoever took the Covid-19 vaccine will die in 2 years.
    Good thing fartcheckers was used to disprove it!

    Luc Montagnier

  10. I see today there are reports that the fraudulent PCR test has now been pulled for testing for sometime just before today JULY 27!?
    Shocking admission caught on tape: Everyone taking the jab is part of a grand experiment
    by: Sara Middleton, staff writer | July 26, 2021

    shocking-admission(NaturalHealth365) Fact check from Reuters: Moderna and Pfizer were allowed to run animal testing and human testing of their COVID injection simultaneously, which is not a standard protocol in drug safety trials. Additionally, clinical trials for Modern and Pfizer will not end until October 2022 and January 2023, respectively.

    These drugs are, without question, still in their experimental phase, and everyone who receives a shot should be considered part of a clinical trial – something that even a representative from Moderna admitted to during a recent phone call with a COVID shot victim.
    Are COVID injection recipients part of a drug trial? Modern rep: “Pretty much”
    In June, reporter Stew Peters released audio reportedly of a phone call between a Moderna representative and a woman who had developed Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) after receiving the company’s experimental drug.

    After reading her a disclaimer, the representative admits that the long-term effectiveness of the shot is unknown. When asked if everyone who gets the shot is in part of a clinical trial, he responds, “pretty much, yeah.”

  11. TEST.
    Dr Robert Malone , someone who helped develop the vaccine says there are problems. Twitter took him off for miss information.
    New CDC guidance is an attempt to 'control' America: Sen. Scott
    Jul 28, 2021

  12. Spring wheat is harvested in June, July and August beginning in the South and working North INTO CANADA HERE SAME DISASTER!. The growing season for it is over. It wasn't there to harvest. Period. Not only the U.S. but other key areas like Russia! The shortages are only beginning. I expect a lot of rationing.

    Worst since 1988 at least, sez he--I remember then late spring driving in Hellberta & it was one constant duststorm in the distance looking out the w/s.
    Spring wheat crop devastated will lead to food prices rising
    Jul 29, 2021


    ASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will announce strict new testing, masking and distancing requirements for federal employees who aren’t vaccinated.

    He’s hoping to boost sluggish vaccine rates among the millions of people who draw federal paychecks and set an example for private employers around the country.

    The move by the federal government — the nation’s largest employer — comes in a week when major corporations and some local governments are implementing new requirements. But most have not, despite surging coronavirus rates in the U.S.

  14. His owners & PR 'groomers' must be aghast over this, after all that painstaking showtime agenda of him making those speeches to adoring throngs these many months now.

    They should have positioned him better in the public image with a catchier slogan for the public agenda your than "The Washed-out, Has-been, First-term DUD Nobody Cares Comeback Tour".

    Trump Advisers Concerned His Endorsement Could Be Losing Power
    Jul 29, 202
    After losses in Texas, former President Trump's advisers are worried about his 'party clout,' according to new Politico reporting.

  15. Found a wokeist sob parable for today.
    The Truth About Simone Biles
    Jul 28, 2021
    can't wait to see what the final viewership audience share will be for this 0lympic j0ke (spelled with zeroes note).

  16. From the land of mad dogs, englishmen, millions of muttonheads, and royalty:
    Another one from the Department of Bad Ideas? Before they rush into anything, they might want to note the assessment of a writer for Mass Transit magazine 10 years ago, on the subject of overhead (catenary) lines. Here’s the opening paragraph in full: ‘They are expensive. They are dangerous. They are unsightly.’

  17. The First Facepalmist strikes again!
    Ben Shapiro roasts Biden for claiming he drove an 18-wheeler