Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Three Rona Stories - #BoycottNYC


Please, if you are planning a vacation to NYC cancel it and go elsewhere.  If you live there and are vaccinated, cancel dinner reservations, show tickets and sporting events. Stand with your fellow New Yorkers against this fascist, unconstitutional tyranny. 


Sydney press conference

NYT article


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  1. Just look at what is happening across the pond with the same policy being rammed down the shitizens' throat by their cochon majeure. Will moo Yorkers just roll over?:

  2. Just one example easily picked out of some side-reading about what a bunch of reckless, clueless, arrogant abysmally ignorant, led & owned ***holes & vaxholes practically every upper-level politician and bureau head is these days, every country:

    thisbit from one site about the UK's real threat:
    However, due to the lack of UK self sufficiency in food, those supplies had always been a cause for concern. It was stunning to see UK ministers act as if food could be stockpiled by grocers, then have the likes of Tesco executives explain that they ran on a just-in-time system and only held 2-4 days of inventories.

    links to this site article july 27:

    The UK is facing the collapse of the supply chain in the next two to three weeks, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett (pictured) warned this week. Speaking to the BBC, Burnett said that despite meeting with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps last week to warn him of the perilous situation, the government is continuing to refuse to take any immediate action to tackle the severe HGV driver shortage.


    Again, another MZM article refusing to point out the TWO elephants in the room:1. any job that can be remote-worked from home, or from a cozier smaller suburb "hub office" away from downtown, multi-hour driving hell, can easily be remoted to far farther away.

    2. ZERO mention as expected about the very strong likelihood that a good % maybe up to 30% of the workers now remoted never will return to their former crowded confines if there is or will be some kind of mandatory shot BS policy or "passport" required.

  4. Up to the minute droolings & dribblings of delirious dementia from the telescreen triad of tyranny.

    Vaxholes all, talking down to their great unwashed sheep-for-brains shitizen viewers.
    COVID-19 live updates: Delta variant now 93% of all sequenced cases in US

    Just 58.2% of Americans ages 12 and up are fully vaccinated.


    uebec Premier François Legault says his government will be announcing new public health measures in the coming days due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in the province and around the world.

    The premier made the announcement on social media on Wednesday but provided few details as to what those measures will be.

  6. Very late, but finally found this gem under the wok/wokeist category.
    I think they spelled 'luck' wrong.

    Good luck to the woke when the Chinese Communist Party takes over: Murray
    Aug 2, 2021

  7. SHOCKING, just shocking to see another lying politician outted.

    Restaurant owner refutes de Blasio's claim businesses want vaccine mandates
    Aug 5, 2021