Monday, April 22, 2019

New Sri Lanka Counter Terrorism Law and the Easter Attack: Coincidence?

Another Patriot Act and 9/11 I suppose. Either the terrorists have the worst timing of any human being in history or something else is afoot.

blaming 'ISIS'

WSWS article from April 9

HRW Oct. 2018

AP March 2019

UCA March 2019

HRW Nov. 2018

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  2. Speaking of coincidences, the Sri Lankan government was already warned this month that a suicide bombing was being prepared against popular hotels and Christian churches. This warning came from one of their cabinet ministers no less! Sri Lankan Muslims have also been handing info to the authorities for the last 3 years.


    1. More info has come out. It appears the accused group would be far to small and disorganized to perform such an attack; their influence is marginal and they have only ever defaced Buddha statues before. Beyond, the US Navy held 'anti-terrorist' exercises with Sri Lanka's military this month, while Israel held mass casualty exercises with their first responders between December 2018 to January 2019. Lots of prep I would say.

      As an aside, Adam Garrie wrote over at Eurasia Future that he believed India was responsible for steering the attacks toward specific targets, such as the attack which killed the Bangladeshi PM's family members. India would supposedly be motivated in pushing Sri Lanka away from China's Belt and Road initiative. This theory dismisses the above info as well as Sri Lanka's own anti-terror bill so I don't know how much I buy this.

      Link on doubts of culprit:

      Link on US Naval exercises:

      Link on Israeli 1st responder exercises:

      Link on Garrie's theory:

  3. All these shootings and bombings are just so suspicious. There has to be another Operation Gladio.