Monday, April 1, 2019

Some Quotes Proudly Displayed on Neoliberal Andrew Yang's Website

by Scott Creighton

Andrew Yang says his campaign is about "ideas"

It is. Neoliberal ideas.

What he wants is to push the progressive left further to the reactionary right. So much so they will back the decimation of things like the social safety net, child labor laws and the minimum wage. All these things he does for the betterment of Big Business.

Here are a few quotes I found on his website which apparently is being run by the ghosts of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman.

Milton Friedman (neoliberal Nobel-winning economist), 1980: “We should replace the ragbag of specific welfare programs with a single comprehensive program of income supplements in cash (Yang's Bushionian sounding "Freedom Dividend") — a negative income tax . . . which would do more efficiently and humanely what our present welfare system does so inefficiently and inhumanely.”

Barack Obama (neoliberal pusher of TPP and TTIP), June and October 2016: “The way I describe it is that, because of automation, because of globalization, we’re going to have to examine the social compact, the same way we did early in the 19th century and then again during and after the Great Depression. The notion of a 40-hour workweek, a minimum wage, child labor laws, etc. – those will have to be updated for these new realities. What is indisputable . . . is that as AI gets further incorporated, and the society potentially gets wealthier, the link between production and distribution, how much you work and how much you make, gets further and further attenuated . . . we’ll be debating unconditional free money over the next 10 or 20 years ("Freedom Dividend").”

Elon Musk (globalist billionaire and neoliberal), February, 2017: “I think we’ll end up doing universal basic income ("Freedom Dividend"). . . It’s going to be necessary . . .There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better. I want to be clear. These are not things I wish will happen; these are things I think probably will happen.”

Mark Zuckerberg (globalist billionaire and neoliberal who pushes for more censorship), May 2017: “We should explore . . . universal basic income so that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

So Zuckerberg, Musk, Obama and Friedman all think "Freedom Dividends" are a great idea. Hell, with friends like these who needs neocons?

"UBI and similar cash programs began picking up steam in the mid 20th century during the industrial revolution as early as 1918. With developed countries producing more than ever, the idea resurfaced with intensity being backed by numerous Nobel-Prize winning economists such as Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek" Andrew Neolib Yang

What progressive wouldn't jump on board a train driven by the likes of Friedman and Hayek I ask you?

"Today the idea has gained support from Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Reich, Elon Musk, Bill Gross, Richard Branson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Noam Chomsky, the conservative Cato Institute, and many others" Andrew Neolib Yang

Stop! You had me at 'Richard Branson", the guy who just staged the "Regime Change Venezuela NOW!" event in Columbia (the same guy who stiffed those assets who set fire to the aid trucks)

In a recent interview with Jimmy Dore, Yang made it clear he not only does not support raising the minimum wage, in fact he supports doing away with it altogether because, he says, his "Freedom Dividend" will make up for the lost wages Big Business doesn't have to pay.

Though his website tries to hint at what Friedman quote says above, that the UBI will allow them to do away with the "ragbag of specific welfare programs  " they seem reluctant to flat out admit that is the ultimate goal of his "Freedom Dividend"

In another section he does admit some social spending will naturally be reduced in order to help pay for it (yeah, the neoliberal VAT wont be enough)

1.  Current spending.  We currently spend between $500 and $600 billion a year on welfare programs, food stamps, disability and the like.  This reduces the cost of Universal Basic Income because people already receiving benefits would have a choice (they aren't going to give people a choice. They will do away with certain programs in order to use the money for his "Freedom Dividend") but would be ineligible to receive the full $1,000 in addition to current benefits.

2.  A VAT.  Our economy is now incredibly vast at $19 trillion, up $4 trillion in the last 10 years alone.  A VAT at half the European level would generate $800 billion in new revenue (guy is pushing EU online VAT system before the EU actually implements it. He is cutting edge ain't he?)...

4.  We currently spend over one trillion dollars on health care, incarceration, homelessness services and the like.  We would save $100 – 200 billion as people would take better care of themselves and avoid the emergency room, jail, and the street and would generally be more functional (right. shut down all those services and if folks don't take care of themselves with that $1,000 a month (below poverty level by the way) pittance, then screw em!). Andrew Neolib Yang

Andrew Yang is nothing more than a corporate gang bang shill trying to ram a "campaign of ideas" down the throats of young, naive progressive minded kids with idiotic stupid videos like this one.

This is what centrist neoliberal unDemocratic Party members mean when they say they want to 'move the party to the right" in order to 'win" elections.

But they aren't doing it to win elections. They are doing it because they want to make young idealistic people give up on progressive ideas and turn them into regressive republicans... or neocons for short.

Andrew Yang is a centrist neoliberal scumbag who is about to be promoted by the complicit media like Obama and Trump were in the run-up to their elections.


  1. Great stuff, thanks for the info on Andrew Yang's bait and switch.

    I am curious if yiu have paid attention to the recent murder of LA rapper, Nipsey Hussle, on March 31st. Besides being aware of the problems in the ghetto and trying to improve them, he was expected to meet the LAPD on April 1st. He was shot six times, which is apparently 'military style' shooting according to this guy named Rizza Islam; Rizza mentions that the the US military did week-long drills in DTLA and could be trying to incite a gang war. It just so happens that there was an attack at his memorial.

    Rizza Islam's video:

    The military drills in DTLA:

    Info on Nipsey's murder and attack on his memorial:

  2. UBI is a progressive idea. Yang may be a neoliberal candidate, but supporting UBI does not prove that at all.