Friday, April 19, 2019

Tucker Carlson ALMOST Gets it When it Comes to RussiaGate

by Scott Creighton

For how many years have I been saying this whole RussiaGate thing was about providing Trump left-cover for doing the neoliberal things the establishment wanted and to pressure him into doing those things as the Sword of Damocles hung over his head?

This was Tucker Carlson last night. He didn't lead with this. Perhaps he should have. Because this is the method behind the madness of RussiaGate.

And while you think it might be a failure on the part of the establishment. While Trump supporters dance in the streets, I'm here to tell you, your celebration is a little hollow.

Tucker will tell you. And I will tell you. 

[skip to 7:24 mark]

Tucker (and I hate featuring Tucker Carlson on my blog) gets it almost right. RussiaGate didn't destroy Trump but it did help further escalate the reactionary slip of this country back to the glory days of the Gilded Age. A time when men worked hard to make captains of industry filthy rich.

What Tucker misses though is this: RussiaGate was never about actually removing Trump from office. Sure, if he didn't behave. If he didn't cave in. It could have. Mueller certainly isn't above lying to congress. Just Google his chat with them about WMDs in Iraq from 2003 and you will see what I mean.

RussiaGate was always about controlling a new president who wasn't supposed to win the office but who won on a promise of something the establishment hates more than anything else: populism... running a country on behalf of the masses as opposed to the elites.

Say what you will about Trump's plans from the start. He never intended to win, never thought he would, so when he found himself in that position, with people like Steve Bannon standing around him, who knows where he would have gone with this thing.

They sure didn't.

So they came up with a plan, a scheme, to focus the left's attention away from his more "Business Friendly" foreign and domestic policies and to put pressure on the new president by suggesting they could charge and arrest anyone around him, including his immediate family, for treason... if he didn't toe the establishment line.

Which he did.

So, did RussiaGate fail?

No. Not in the slightest.

It just ran it's course, played itself out while Donald Trump learned to play ball.

So, like Assange, the psyop had to draw to a close somehow. And now it has.

Don't dance. They got what they wanted. A little egg on their faces wears off over time. We are a nation conditioned to forget.

They all got paid, Trump got his mind right and like Tucker says... we're the ones who lost in the end.

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  1. Russiagate did a number on the antiwar position and critical thinking of the liberal left (like good propaganda is obviously intended to). The real Mother Jones would be ashamed of the magazine bearing her name rabidly supporting a suicidal conflict with Russia over the Trumpster.