Saturday, June 1, 2019

Bernie Sanders Pushes for Bush's Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Reagan's Amnesty

Like when he called Gaddafi or Assad an 'evil dictator', Bernie Sanders is now pushing another pro-establishment, pro-Big Business agenda item: Comprehensive Immigration Reform, straight from the desk of the CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

We have to understand that LIMITED immigration helped this country, helped build this country and helped make us who we are but UNLIMITED migration has cause us great harm and C.I.R. will allow Big Business the ability to set those limits to suit their profit margin needs while it also creates a near-slave class of workers beholden to their 'sponsor' bosses.

What does that sound like to you?

It is shameful how Bernie has gotten his mind right since 2016 but what I do here is not for his consumption, it is for yours. C.I.R. was created by neoliberal neocons and centrists and it is still a purely neoliberal agenda item and you cannot claim to be on the left while supporting it.

AuntBB's video

my article about David Frum position

my video featuring CEO Chamber of Commerce State of American Business address

Chamber of Commerce position on immigration

C.I.R. Act of 2006

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  1. Hi Scott: Aunt BB did an excellent little video at youtube

    I've no clue how to leave a comment over there for her..
    Yes, it's pathetic, but that's all there is to it

    I'm hoping she sees this comment here

    Yes, I see the whole SNC scandal as politically motivated
    Of course SNC is corrupt- all the global construction companies are- that's not the issue.

    The issue was politics of the day- and Canada fell on the knife for big US companies by sacrificing SNC who had been doing business in Libya since the '80's- BUT - there is of course the fact that Trudeau government is more of the same globalist elitist gov and they were always going to give SNC that get out of jail free card, but, it blew up because two players didn't play the game.. and BB is right- their excuses are lame- but they got to play the identity politics card and get a free pass. They'll run as independents but likely side with Liberals as a matter of course

    Thanks Aunt BB for the nod and for doing the great little video
    PS: I did let the comment through at my blog (older posts are moderated)

    good job :)

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