Friday, June 7, 2019

#VoxAdpocalypse and YouTube's "RightThink" Moment

The kid-gloves are off. There is too much at stake. Our owners have decided to take control in the most overt means possible. Get your mind right or get out. That's YouTube's position and unfortunately they aren't alone.

tucker video

lift the veil video

boing boing article

silicon angle article

youtube policy statement

my channel gone

my paypal gone

my website gone

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  1. They shouldn't be censored as a principle, but I won't defend Tucker, the Trumptards and the like. It's not honest to just call their genuine bigotry and eventual desire for violence "wrongthink", either. You are the type of voice they are REALLY after, and scapegoating one group of humans or another is useful to the ruling class instead of disgruntled workers acting in solidarity.


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