Monday, June 17, 2019

Chris Hedges and Kristinn Hrafnsson Lying About Julian Assange Charges on RT

Lamo. Adrian Lamo or something like that. That was the guy Glen Greenwald exposed as Bradley's handler back when this story first broke. He was hacker connection between Bradley (then) and Julian and eventually the guy who supposedly turned in Bradley (then) when his usefulness had reached an end.

Lamo's usefulness reached an end on March 14th of 2018 when he was found dead and after an official autopsy, they could find no cause of death.

Chelsea (Bradley) Manning was arrested again for failing to provide info on Assange and the leaks on Mar. 8th of 2018.

Chelsea arrested

yes the CIA is in Kansas where Lamo lived for a year before dying.

Chris Hedges video

indictment against Assange

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