Monday, April 27, 2020

Covid-19: Don't Promote the Sara NP Video


  1. Duh. Of course not. The bullshit seems to be a landslide.

    Not only are hospitals empty of cv patients, the healthcare workers are uncaring about the patients they do have, while they're dancing. Huh?

    Boo hoo. How terrible. Oh my poor sheeple emotions. Woe is me. Whatever shall I do?

  2. I read through the comments on Sidell's videos last time you featured them. He had a heckler in the comments and in conversation with them Sidell acknowledged being moved from the ICU to the ER, suggesting it was because he wasn't comfortable with the treatment protocol.

  3. Here's a more credible person (Respiratory Therapist) who talks about denying other therapies until the person gets bad enough to need a ventilator

    I follow Christopher Spivey's website and a number of his readers comments paint a grimmer picture in the UK. A number of them have claimed to have caught hospital staff trying to force DNR paperwork and deliberately mistreating patients. Not all, mind you, and not all recent, but in some cases, and I've followed his regulars enough to tend to believe them. England is rife with Masons, they have a different view, and in small towns ya know, familiarity/intimacy breeds contempt.

  4. None of this is to support what this broad in the video is doing, which is obvious, as you rightly have pointed out.