Sunday, April 5, 2020

NYC ICU Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell's Important Message About CoViD-19 Treatment

A NYC doctor questions the standard treatment of CoViD-19 patients.

Cameron Kyle-Sidell's channel


  1. Hi! Scott, I watched your video today, about ventilators and the virus symptoms. This is exactly what the Chinese doctors were saying in January/February, when they did not have tests but were using CT scans to diagnose and confirm cases of the new virus. I would recommend that you watch Dr. John Campbell on Youtube. He has been saying that CPAP machines should be used in favour of ventilators consistently - often nurses have better judgement than doctors! He also gives a dispassionate and informative global survey every day. Best wishes.

  2. Could be disinfo. Lot of people pushing the idea that Corona is 5G. I personally think it is an overreaction to a flu.