Tuesday, January 12, 2021

News of the Day: Impeachment, Syria and Yemen


Yes there are still other stories that need covering.


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  1. Prepare For A Tsunami of Mega Inflation! Central Banks Have Triggered the Wave
    Check out office vacancy rates US major cities!
    (board here seems to bounce out any post with a u-know-who toob link in it, so go find vid using the info & go to timestamp time 340 seconds in to see.)

    •Jan 11, 2021

  2. Year of the donkey, fer shur.

    The Trojan Donkey - Doug Casey's International Man

    Joe Biden, by any measure, is a poor candidate for the office. After almost half a century in politics, he's had a career mostly as a political hack who would support any issue that seemed popular at the time.

  3. I prophesy that 2021 will be a big comeback year for Joe, errrh, i mean Jim Carrey.

    Now, this may be all fine & good, but how are the plebes supposed to know which one is that taking the oath live on Zoom soon?
    NEW YORK (CNN) – Saturday Night Live says Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden during the show’s 46th season.

    The long-running NBC comedy series made the announcement with a simple tweet on Wednesday: “Jim Carrey is our new Joe Biden!”