Friday, January 8, 2021

Wikileaks (Why KEY Leaks) Dumps All Their Files Online. Why?

Wikileak file dump

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  1. And sure enuf, almost as if commanded on cue, the true funded false front foil Fast Eddy the Snowjob Man shows up to draw away any attention from Wacky Leakopedia, & waste your time as he 'reveals' 20-year old info known that long ago to those paying attention.
    Just like that obnoxious Caddy Shack gopher.
    What are the odds? LOL.

    He was making the rounds on the all the 'truth fairy' channels (where fairy tales get top billing & spewed ahead of & any sparse stale nuggets of truth buried within) I see just a few weeks ago, so I figured something was up.

    sidebar article up today jan 8th:

    Department Of Justice Says 13 People Have Been Charged Following Pro-Trump Riot | NBC News NOW

    I didn't hear anyone mentioned named Al, so maybe he's to be the star attraction of this weekend's yet to be written events based on all the lurid stories I'm hearing & reading, some of them from psycho Mikey.

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