Friday, January 29, 2021

Robinhood Rigging and Other Big Finance Schemes Expose Masters of the Universe


Ain't it about time for another Occupy?

The Warning

Tucker and Glen



Podesta email

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Brand New Tube

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  1. MORE predictive programming, & another creeping buzzword makes its way in---'re-wilding'.
    As birth rates fall, animals prowl in our abandoned 'ghost villages'

    Maybe we will see a re-emergence from the shadows of all the cryptids of yore & legend who were clearly seen (or their skeletons) & documented by the first arriving settlers, but were marginalized out to the wilds:
    Michigan Man aka Wisconsin Werewolf;
    NJ devil (for whom the NHL team is named);
    NY giants (for whom the baseball team was named)
    Southern skunk ape...
    on & on, remember there's the entire continental/altitude/size variants worldwide of the clan of the abominable snowboarding man,too.
    Just to taunt us, they put in occasional appearances on the alpine ski slopes.

    there's dozens this hemisphere, new world, whereas since the 'old world' was densely settled untold millennia ago, the original lore is mostly long lost.

    Human populations are set to decline in countries from Asia to Europe – and an unusual form of rewilding is taking place