Friday, April 2, 2021

Biden Admin Celebrates it's 'Diversity'... I don't see no f-in Diversity


About as diverse as the average Wall Street board-room.


Biden tweet

BoJo video

CIA Pete takes a ride

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Brand New Tube


  1. Truly amazing how far our leaders can stretch a payday loan!

    Joe Biden wants to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure and jobs. These 4 charts show where the money would go.

  2. Just one example, certainly many, found just chasing URL's. Trillions for banksters, though, so all is well:
    The announcement sparked widespread backlash from activists who felt closing a South Side hospital in the middle of a pandemic was callous at best, especially in the middle of a pandemic that has inflicted disproportionate harm on Black and Brown people in Chicago.

    In February, the hospital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board rejected their application to close, and its future was up in the air until the board reluctantly approved its sale to Insight Chicago in late March.

  3. See? Easy to find articles everywhere about all the easy money oozing out of every bankster leaky crack & crevasse, just like pitch did in ancient times & still does. Get U some today! Or, you could just wait a little longer till it erupts in a noisy booming near supersonic gusher like Spindletop in TX.:
    IMF to Issue $650 Billion of "Who Owes You Nothing?" SDRs.