Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tulsi Goes Old Testament On Tucker's Show Over War With Russia


No Tucker, war with Russia is not a good idea.


Tucker video

RT video

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  1. Likely major "nooz" sites like ZH have a whole running series of articles this theme, but they put up huge garbage piles of slanted misdirection, always have even before they sold out to that psy-ops network where the gatekeeper Baba Wawa spouted off for decades about absolutely nothing revelatory.

    This site GPS he's so thorough researching stark facts that he's been losing viewers & subs for the past year he says, because those that can't handle it tune him out!

    Only 10% of Infrastructure Bill is What You Think! THIS is What You Need To Know

  2. BIG news missed by most!
    he covers it first few minutes here.
    Remember Henry K. is BFF with the one in russia, & was the first 'leader' he met once in office in 1999 there.

    Streamed live on Apr 10, 2021
    80,000 Store Closures, Carnival May Abandon The US, K!ssinger Say US Must Accept New System

  3. Truly the cosmos has a proportionally huge sense of humor for this to be unfolding right in Al's backyard.

    This is why he had that 'dry run' in late 2019 in his truth tank, under the guise of gun rights protests--one day here he & his merry band of kook & quack cultists shall saddle up & ride in a modern-day version of an old west wagon train to the northern frontier border to do battle with the mongol horde of CA snowflakes coming in from the north now in a true blizzard.

    Well, somebody's gotta keep Austin weird! The Al Jimmy Jones brand Kool Aid can only do so much.

    So while rapid growth is nothing new for the city, the population shift associated with Covid-19 has intensified the struggle to, as the motto goes, “Keep Austin Weird.” Even Congrove—a software engineer who moved from Florida seven years ago—is most concerned about how the new wave of tech workers is affecting his adopted city’s culture.

  4. Maybe just positioning personal finances by pimping front-running a war.

    Rather like the personal finances business model this one just days ago:
    Krystal and Saagar: Pelosi CAUGHT Buying Microsoft Stock BEFORE Giant Military Contract

  5. Weekend update son of Buzz Lightyear (fed head) performance report:
    irony here is yes it's lumber, & soon (b4 end June coming) it's gonna go T-I-M-B-E-R.

    Unedjumacated economist agrees:
    $72.99 For OSB Is Unrealistic And Will Not Last
    •Apr 17, 2021
    Uneducated Economist
    58.5K subscribers