Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tucker Runs Interference for Fascist Big Business Assault on Democracy


Blames 'the left' Once Again 


Tucker video

Citi on the Hill

Citi picks cabinet

Gangster for capitalism

Top bribers in America

100 business leaders


Lewis Powell memo

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Brand New Tube

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    APR 14 Money GPS
    Inflation Becomes UNCONTROLLABLE As Food and Gas Prices Rise! Failure Imminent
    As always, good comments below vid fillsin exact day-to-day shrinkflation surprises:
    I just bought a box of 'Chicken in a Biskit' snack crackers at the normal price, then at home I noticed they made the box significantly smaller than it was before. Look out for this sneaky means of inflation.

    A loaf of bread in my local shop just went up from 55p to 95p overnight. For the exact same bread!(england);

    3.41 for a medium hot coffee at dunkin in NC. Up from 2.65 2 weeks ago. 2 years ago it was 1.80.
    (Sounds ridiculously high; i can buy now here for $10C but on sale, reg price is about $18, a #10 can about 950g org. ground arabica coffee name brand. Ersatz robusta bean MH brand even cheaper.)

    Builders aren't building because materials are too high and there are no houses to buy. But everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're the federal reserve!

    BUT, everything banks & investment banking is in a boom!:
    Reported this morning, JPM reported an EPS of $4.50 smashing expectations of $3.09. This time last year JPM's Q1 EPS was .78 which would have been before SHTF. Equities sales and trading was +47% YOY to $3.29 billion. Deposits are +25% YOY to $2.3 Trillion. Most other big banks are reporting records as well.
    Looks exactly like this, remember, but advanced 301 years into late June/2021: