Tuesday, May 11, 2021

As Israel Bombs Gaza Again, Global MSM Goes Into Sycophantic Apologist Mode


Israel must be held accountable.

Whitney  https://twitter.com/_whitneywebb/status/1392014035206422528

names and faces of Israel's victims https://twitter.com/MnarMuh/status/1391979178535305216

Gaza attacked video https://twitter.com/cxzsyou/status/1391866213597392896

BDS https://twitter.com/BDSmovement/status/1392082519588282369

IDF grenade https://twitter.com/NaikRooh/status/1391911093396721673

Lies from the NY Post https://twitter.com/PatthewMallares/status/1391897529088987138

Norman's interview https://twitter.com/zei_squirrel/status/1391880417100419072


  1. Some tidbits of near-term concern picked up watching my econ. vids:
    They're freakin' in snowflakeland cuz the "gas pains" (cough, cough) are running prices up to near $5 for reg, $6 for premium.
    Comments as usual perceptive---at least 1 other has figured out this is all a merry-go-round of orchestrated scams & FFs, starting with the Suez blockage 2 months ago, so the money spinners can deny it's their doing causing a huge INflationary blowoff now.

    i fully expect them to get around to blaming Kim, "the Chosen Un" Un for something next coming.

    Gruesome found a $75B CA surplus, with the eCONomy shutdown yet somehow this happened, again, many noting it's a classic politician counter-move who's on verge of being impeached during a recall they've got there soon.

    PPP money fund is out of money! HUGE, yet only mentioned once in 1 vidclip out of dozens.Paycheck protection plan, supposed to help employers keep on employees during shutdown instead of laying off & having to hire other untested new people for the same job if/when reopening.

    Here's Glenn Shrekk short 8 minutes:
    Sick and tired!’: Will rising inflation rates push America towards Colombia chaos?


  2. further to above, reason i know Kimmy is going tom be blamed for something soon is finding the "pre-echo" around the net.

    quite the feat, considering even a thompson (chicago player piano) has only a 50 round drum, which still makes it huge. also has a mini-drum 25.
    Kim Jong-Un brutally shoots a orchestra conductor 90 times in front of every artist in Pyongyang
    •May 6, 2021

  3. North Hollywood (echo park in LA)
    Tiny homes village for the homeless people in echo park downtown Los Angeles
    $8.6MM to build 100+ of these. opened late april/21.
    •May 1, 2021

  4. They are chosen Scott, chosen to damned until the end of time.