Saturday, May 15, 2021

Israel Bombs Refugee Camp in Gaza Kills 6 More Children... They are a Rogue State


Meanwhile Joe Biden defends their actions while Pentagon tries more UFO bullshit to distract.


Press TV

Press TV

UFO distraction

refugee camp bombed by IDF


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  1. Klaatu returning to collect the 60 years of unpaid royalties the Hollyweirdos screwed him out of for the movie appearance 1950's, along with hundreds of others since.

    Read about eg Jack Klugman, died in 80's a few years ago fought for DECADES never got 1 cent to get the residuals he was due for having that "Odd Couple" 1970's super-sitcom syndicated (licensed to play, with translation overdubs) to 30 or 40 countries!

    They claimed it never made any money!

    Then there's the music side of that there. Tom Petty wrote "i won't back down" for their attempt to literally drive him out/starve him for his lawsuit against them late 1970;s.

    They even LEGALLY prevented him from getting some income to fight the lawsuit by touring, singing his own songs yet by ruling against that!
    Total Fokkers.

  2. There's those CAMPS everywhere because those small areas are all that's left of their homeland.

  3. Thanks to modern instant live everywhere & every how, we now can bring u live putrid pompous pontificating pie-holes waxing all wild-eyed & wargasmic about their latest exploits, like this one!:

  4. Notice the timing of this. looks to me it'll escalate into something of a catastrophic crescendo, like the orchestra in "A Day in The Life" leading up to that famous ending single piano note of 50 seconds.

    IOW, it's "spend it or lose it", because NOV1 new FY, right?
    So this 2 year deal runs out HELLoween coming, only 5.5 mo hence.
    $2.78 trillion plan spends more on military than anything else
    by Jason Ditz Posted on August 1, 2019Categories NewsTags Pentagon

    Passed last week in a 284-149 vote in the House, split heavily along party lines, the two-year compromise budget deal reached between President Trump and Democratic leadership has passed the Senate Thursday, 67-28.

    The $2.78 trillion ($1.48 trillion military spending) measure lifts the cap on the size of the US debt. This is an increase over the already-passed NDAA for 2020, and military spending will now outpace the entire rest of discretionary spending.

  5. Such a gruesome forum topic needs a teensy bit of desperation humor to get thru the items, so found this one:
    Biden Struggles To Read The Teleprompter As Inflation SKYROCKETS
    •May 15, 2021

    "What time is it, boys & girls? It's Son of Howdy Doody time!"

  6. UGH. Just slogged thru almost a dozen finan. vids, across whole topic spectrum from Big Corn/Dodgy Con on a chip to this.

    Went into effect MAR12, 2 months ago.
    Maybe listen start at screenshot timestamp.
    shows exact document & wording of all the phrases changes.

    25 minutes
    Banks No Longer Required to Reserve Your LYNETTE ZANG
    •Streamed live on May 6, 2021