Monday, May 3, 2021

Propaganda Against Vaccine Hesitant Surges as Rona Kills the Flu



Mister Riffley

Scientific American


vaccine study

New England Journal of Medicine

USA Today

Boston Globe

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  1. They're running a major hit piece daily in the MSM, alternating venues, like yesterday saw didn't link it was a Sci American story "explaining" why we've had no swine flu!

    Today may3 it's this offering, from the Slimes who else!:
    By Jan Hoffman

    Photographs by Erin Schaff

    Published April 30, 2021Updated May 3, 2021, 8:26 a.m. ET

    GREENEVILLE, Tenn.— “So have you gotten the vaccine yet?”

    The question, a friendly greeting to Betty Smith, the pastor’s wife, lingered in the air as the four church women sat down for their regular Tuesday coffee and conversation at Ingles Market.

    Mrs. Smith hesitated, sensing a chilly blast of judgment from a never-mask, never-vax companion. She fumbled through a non-reply.

    Recalling the moment later, she sighed, “We were there to get to know each other better but the first thing on the table was the Covid vaccine.”

    I prefer to just quote this eminent source---includes see list there 'vaxhole' but many other vax terms invented by the public:

  2. Just another example, out here, about the lying hysteria generated and spewed out by the MSM, going back to the original radio airplay by orson welles test case about the martians invading moo jersey, to see how far the public would swallow it!

    Now why TF would any intelligent species want to go to moo jersey. They got better grass there?
    Just print any hot bullshit story (note: ALWAYS approved to air/print by the E-D-I-T-O-R! talking heads spewing it are just teleprompter readers) & see how far it flies.

    NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'

  3. Check out what's going on in the very backyard of where these liars spout off from---great booming recovery, JP!:

    30% SOHO retail space is VACANT NYC.
    40% Manhattan retail VACANT
    NYC Retail Vacancies Soar, Rents Crushed As City Drives Out $1.2 Billion In Tourist Revenue

  4. Just 2 quick find references here. So many being hit by side-effects of this experimental gene therapy, from massive shingles (supposedly "caused" by the herpes zoster virus, which like every other one has never been purified, isolated, filmed, video'd x-ray xtalography recreated, etc. ever in any lab or research facility), strokes, heart inflammation,...:

    Blood/brain mirco-clots after vaccine causing mini-strokes, making drivers go off-road into trees, fences, buildings, etc.
    Post vaccine myocarditis

  5. Another MSM story:
    The Virus That Shook the World: Part One (full documentary) | PBS FRONTLINE
    1:53 hours
    There's a part2 up also, 53 min.

  6. Scott: I am of the mind the covid hype against India is part and parcel of a regime change operation the west has planned for India.

    I wrote about this more then a few times in 2019
    last time below:

    As I'd observed based on what was written in one of the included articles

    India is at best a quasi union or federation of states? Interesting and highly, highly suggestive that India can be broken up. Balkanized. Slights can turn into festering open sores. Divide to conquer can be employed.

    I've linked the selection of Imran Khan in Pakistan to this operation as well. I'm not a fan of Khan- despite his "left provenance" beware the wolf in sheep's clothing. That how I've seen him all along.

    Now Modi is being openly faulted in 5 eyes media for the surge in covid cases.. as if one man is to blame

    There a massive population
    exploitation by multinationals
    insufficient health care

    and so forth and so on

    And that's been the situation there for as long as I can recall
    yet suddenly were supposed to believe all this is on Modi?

    This is part of a regime change operation..
    never let an opportunity pass you by, right?
    make hay while the sun shines....