Saturday, May 8, 2021

Rona News of the Day

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Brand New Tube


  1. Just to note, 1 channel i watch picked up on that horrific jobs report miss 270K vs expected 1MM, that there were suspiciously ZERO jobs created April in the construction sector---HUH?
    With this supposed homer mania boom, with another house SF Bay area going for $1MM OVER THE ASK PRICE!

    Say it ain't so, Tonto! They're fixing the numbers better than the races at the horse track.

    Home costs blowing off to Mars, what to do?
    how about substituting a container castle house!
    Closing in the container castle
    •Nov 16, 2020
    Lumber will now be sold BY THE FOOT OR PLY, comrade!
    U want a 2 X anything longer than 1 foot? U gonna pay.
    U want a 2 X any number greater than 4---U gonna pay!
    U want a full old-style sheet of plywood with all its plys intact? U gonna pay!
    U want finished wood any size, type, style, grain? FUGGEDABOUDIT!

  2. 11 minutes.
    BiteMe's proposals itemized how he's gonna tinker with it.
    Big Changes to Social Security & SSI Coming in 2021
    •May 8, 2021

  3. Gimmemy stimmy.
    Monthly Stimulus Check Update! Democrats DEMAND More | $2,000 Not Enough - May 8
    12 min.
    •May 8, 2021

  4. followup to that yesterday BiteMe hiring 80,000(?) more IRS.
    YES, that really is his name.

    Biden wants 'stunning' new IRS powers to track US taxpayers money flow
    •May 8, 2021

  5. Best facts no hysteria about food prices i could find recent days.
    She's in CO, i think denver, &went during a sale kroger's so not sure it all counts.
    Again, good info in comments:
    BIG SHOCK! Are Grocery Prices REALLY Rising in 2021?

    Just a friendly fyi: here's a list of the 10 most expensive states to live in as of 5/2021.
    I happen to live in one of them and have seen a slight rise in grocery prices since 5/2020 as you explained.

    1. Hawaii (192.9)

    2. California (151.7)

    3. New York (139.1)

    4. Oregon (134.2)

    5. Massachusetts (131.6)

    6. Alaska (129.9)

    7. Maryland (129.7)

    8. Connecticut (127.7)

    9. New Jersey (125.1)

    10. Rhode Island (119.4)

    I'm in the Bay Area of CA and I am a grocery worker at a major chain. One of my jobs is to update the shelves with price changes. I can't speak for other areas of the country but it is no joke here. Some of our meat has gone up by $2/lb and most other groceries are up by 10-50 cents per package - again, I am the person putting the prices on the shelf. The price updates are coming in 50-100 items at a time sometimes twice a week. Also, the package sizes are decreasing in size.

  6. Haven't seen 1 source mention that this entire chip shortage is a giant smokescreen lie to coverup the abysmal non-recovery!

    USED autos last month took the biggest 1-mo jump in 78 years, as maybe millions realize they just can't afford a new car!

    Fact is since BEFORE the 2007 GFC (I remember because i saw these weird places they were putting acres of unsold new cars onto around my city), even ZH ran lotsa articles with pics showing it was worldwide & around 30 million backlog of unsold new autos, perpetually, over a decade before the my sharona hit.

    No shortage of FP & OLED giant TV's any retail outlets, & they use a lot of chips.

    Granted, they're different chips. one source claims there's "about 50" chips needed just for the nav items like the GPS and displays in an auto.

    Not counting the ABS, automatic xmission (up to 7-or even 10-speeds now, all horribly complex, breakdown constantly, & are a non-repairable LRM item now!)

    i've seen many analyses by 'auto analysts' who claim this will go on for years & they've even come up with magic calculations claiming to know how many billions in deferred sales this will cost each carmaker.
    Shortages of semiconductors are battering automakers and tech giants, raising alarm bells from Washington to Brussels to Beijing. The crunch has raised a fundamental question for policymakers, customers and investors: Why can’t we just make more chips?

  7. found it.
    Clip was 2 years ago.
    Here's Rupert the Moloch saying we're going into a COOLING PERIOD because of the SUN!
    Who'da thot that would be the main driver of climate cycles here.
    New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’

    •Jun 18, 2019
    I SUSPECT it's because they cannot cover up the lie much longer, possibly because we are about to see a whole series of frost damaged low yield crop harvests w/w thru these 2020'S.
    That big lie shows clearly now, with the divergence between the 2 colored lines this chart, one plotting true solar temp, the other the manipulated "earth station weather observation" temperatures:

    After 1978 a serious divergence began between this model based on sun and ocean cycles and the GHCN measurements, leading to the current 0.6°C difference. For UAH satellite measurements this difference is less, from 0.3°C to 0.45°C, depending on the level set for the 1979 record beginning relative to GHCN.

    To account for this difference, the reader is urged to note the changes over the years to the global temperature records as found by the following reporters: